How to Market Your Accountancy Firm in the Digital Age

Brought to you by Pandle

In the digital age, competition is tough and how you market yourself is more important than ever. With developments in technology, marketing has become more accessible but also more complex and difficult to master.

However, if you’re willing to embrace new technology and all the opportunities that it has to offer your firm, you will harness your competitive advantage.

In this post, we’ll be discussing how to market your accountancy firm effectively and how Pandle can help.

Make sure your online presence is strong

First impressions are everything and your website is as much of a storefront as your physical offices are. Making sure your website is updated, clear to navigate and also looks good on mobile are key steps to boosting your online presence.

Your online presence should be able to establish trust as quickly as possible for potential clients. They need to know they’re in good hands and a good first impression is essential.

Help people with your content

If you’re not already using content marketing, a blog can go a long way in reaching your target market and getting them on board.

It might seem like giving away information for free, but it’s more than that. You are handing out helpful advice and are therefore becoming more visible and trusted by your target market.

Potential clients are more likely to go with a firm that has already helped them in some way than one that hasn’t. With a blog, you can also demonstrate your value and expertise.

Get on social media

Social media takes your services and content and brings them exactly to where your target audience is. It enables you to capture a new audience and grow an existing one.

Social media helps to establish familiarity for your clients and also puts a name to a face - making your business look like less of a corporate machine.

Pay attention to SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a way of boosting your reach and getting your website high up in the search engine rankings. If your website is easier to find, you’re more likely to boost your client list.

You can boost your SEO efforts with content and social media, but it’s always advisable to hire a specialist who knows their way around keywords and Google rankings.

Concentrate on branding

Nowadays, the importance of branding cannot be underestimated. It’s another way to stand out in a growing market.

A strong visual identity and company voice helps to make your firm instantly recognisable and familiar to potential clients, which can mean all the difference when it comes to their decision to sign up.

Work on your USP

What makes you different from the others? What is your Unique Selling Point (USP)? With so many other accountancy firms, it’s important to find that special something that people will take notice of.

Your USP will be what makes you stand out among the competition and remain in people’s minds.

Working on your USP can help you focus your branding and marketing efforts more effectively which can boost your client numbers.

Use cloud accounting to boost your marketing

Cloud accounting is the future and the future is here. If you are seen to be keeping up with modern technology, you’ll be chosen over those firms that are hesitant to make changes.

Accountancy firms that have their own software are able to provide even better value for money.

Not only are you giving clients quality accountancy services, they’re also getting access to bookkeeping software too. Having software that is part of the package means that clients are saved a bit of time and effort. They don’t need to sign up to one firm and then another software provider – they can get everything they need from you.

Providing your own software without the hassle

A lot of firms are partnered with separate bookkeeping software solutions. It works for many people but doesn’t really do your business branding any favours. All it does is boost the software’s brand instead of your own.

While we think that developing and offering your own software is a great way to stand out among the competition, the truth is that most firms don’t have the resources to develop it themselves.

Developing software is very expensive and time-consuming. It’s not a case of creating it once and walk away. You need to invest in constant development and maintenance to go along with it.

Our solution

Luckily, we’ve got a solution that answers all these problems. We already offer Pandle to accountant partners, but did you know we offer a version which is tailored to your own company branding?

Brandle is our white labelling solution that allows you to use our software but with all mentions of Pandle removed and replaced with your own branding. You can change the logo, colour scheme and the copy so that it’s all personalised to your firm.

The benefits of Brandle

  • Your own software without the cost and time investment of developing it yourself
  • Highlight your branding and become instantly recognisable
  • Push it as a selling point e.g. get our services plus our free bookkeeping software
  • Make money from it by selling the service to your clients if you wish

It’s an ideal solution if you’ve been toying with the idea of creating your own software for clients. For more information about Brandle, take a look at our downloadable guide on Brandle and its benefits.   

If you’d like more information about our other partnering options, simply tell us a bit about your needs and we’ll show you the best solution for your practice.