How to quit director payroll (without actually quitting)

27th May 2020
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The world is changing more rapidly than ever, and organisations are quickly pivoting to adapt to the new ‘norm’ during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ensuring you’re equipped with the right tools is key to transforming the way you work and remaining relevant in these uncertain times.

Make director payroll both effortless and profitable

Director payroll processing isn’t the most difficult of tasks, but it’s also not the best use of your valuable time. You may think your payroll software is handling most of the work, but some manual, repetitive intervention is always required to ensure your clients’ payroll reporting is submitted, and on time. With manual processes taking from 5-10 minutes each client, accountants and bookkeepers can often find themselves investing a day each month purely on director payrolls.

That's a day or more each month of monotonous clicking and staring at a screen. How much extra client work could you take on if you didn't have to waste that time?

What if you didn't have to run a director payroll again?

With KeyPay's automated director payroll tool - Director Pays - accountants and bookkeepers can schedule and automate director payroll, from end to end, with no manual input required.

Imagine you could take on as many director clients as you wanted, and after setting them up, never having to press a button for their payroll?

The only time investment required with Director Pays is the initial setup for your clients, in order to reap the time-saving benefits for the entire tax year. Automations include:

  • Pay runs and pay schedules
  • National Insurance and tax deductions
  • Payslip distribution and notifications
  • HMRC reporting including EPS and FPS submissions
  • Client reports including total gross earnings, taxable earning, loans, NIC, net earnings and PAYE
  • Automated journal entries and integration
  • Quality control configurations to pause payroll and notify you if requirements aren’t met

Director Pays is a cloud-based payroll software that enables accountants and bookkeepers to eliminate manual work and increase profitability as a direct result.

As a cloud solution, Director Pays can be accessed anytime, anywhere, with no data backup issues if you’re not in the office. Save time and improve efficiencies, while growing your client base.

Keen to pivot your business towards profitability and efficiency? Try Director Pays free, or download our guide to streamlining your processes and future proof your firm.