How to run director payrolls in your sleep

15th Jan 2020
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                      Automate director payroll

How much time do you invest in your director clients each month?

Director payroll processing isn’t the most difficult task to execute - but it’s not the most exciting one on your plate either.

When it comes to running director payrolls, your payroll software might be doing some of the work for you: like helping with NI and tax deductions, creating payslips for your clients, and allowing you to generate reports. But, whether you like it or not, when it’s time for you to process those director payrolls, some manual intervention on your part is going to have to come into play.

Think about the steps you take to process a director payroll: do you have to set reminders for yourself to run them? Are you mindlessly clicking through the steps in your software from start to finish of the pay run? Then, what happens after that - do you submit FPS and EPS data to HMRC? Export payslips or reports and email them to your clients?

All of these tasks - although simple enough - could take maybe ten minutes of your time to complete. Ten minutes doesn’t seem like much at all, but it begins to add up if you have a fair amount of director clients under your belt. Before you know it, an entire day could be consumed by processing director payrolls each month. But how do you simplify an already quite simple process?

There’s a better way with Director Pays

KeyPay is all about making things easier. So we’ve created a solution specifically designed to completely automate director payrolls, from end to end. 

Introducing Director Pays.

With Director Pays, the only time investment required from you is in the initial setup for your clients. Set payroll on your terms, and automate from end to end in the background. No need to touch the payroll again for the rest of the tax year!

It really is as simple as that. Reap the time-saving benefits, and choose the tasks you’d like the system to automate:

  • Pay runs and pay schedules
  • National Insurance and tax deductions
  • Payslip distribution and notifications
  • HMRC reporting including EPS and FPS submissions
  • Reports including total gross earnings, taxable earnings, loans, NIC, net earnings and PAYE
  • Automated journal entries and integration

You better believe it - all of the above can be automated in your sleep, allowing you to take back your day and focus your newly saved time on more strategic tasks. 

Or longer lunch breaks. Whatever floats your boat.

Keen to take back your day?

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