How to scale up or sell your practice

18th Sep 2020
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MWP Webinar

September 29 @ 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

This is how to create guaranteed value either way…. Practices who adopt the right technology and systems typically increase their profitability and in turn, their value.

We have seen profits double (and value double..) where firms have chosen to invest in technology. You may also be aware of institutional funds showing an increased interest in the accounting profession. They value firms as a multiple of profit and we are hearing of multiples of 12 being seriously proposed…..!

Those firms who have recognised the opportunity are undertaking the same due diligence a buyer would perform. They are ensuring they can scale or sell in the future by reviewing obsolete technology, manual systems and paper records and replacing them with efficient and cost-saving, new technologies.

Join Gordon Gilchrist in a debate with Rich Neal, Robert Salvoni and James Dearnaley of MyWorkpapers and discover what your practice is worth.

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