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PaperLess improves the efficiency of accounting systems.

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How to Scan Invoices into Sage with Ease?

25th Nov 2023
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PaperLess improves the efficiency of accounting systems.

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Sage invoice scanning is powered by Sage Technology Partner, PaperLess Europe. The best software to scan invoices into Sage and to get access to Sage OCR for automating invoice data capture. Sage is a popular accounting software that helps businesses manage their finances. However, if you are still using paper invoices, you may be wasting time and money on manual data entry, storage, and retrieval. That’s why you need a solution that can scan invoices into Sage automatically and accurately.

In this article, you will learn how to scan invoices into Sage 50 and Sage 200 using a powerful invoice scanning software called PaperLess. PaperLess is a Sage add-on scanning software that allows you to scan paper invoices with the press of a button, extract key accounting data, and upload the invoice document to Sage. By using PaperLess, you can save time, reduce errors, and improve your cash flow.

Scanning Invoices into Sage - Video now available

Benefits of Scanning Invoices into Sage with PaperLess:

Scanning invoices into Sage has many benefits, such as:

  • Saving time: You don’t have to manually type in the invoice data or search for the paper invoice when you need it. PaperLess does the data entry and document management for you.
  • Reducing errors: You don’t have to worry about typos, missing information, or duplicate entries. PaperLess uses advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology to capture the invoice data accurately and verify it with the supplier default settings in Sage.
  • Improving cash flow: You can track your expenses and pay your bills faster and easier. PaperLess creates a purchase invoice in Sage and attaches the scanned file to it. You can then filter, sort, and review your outstanding bills and make payments online.
  • Going paperless: You don’t have to store, file, or archive paper invoices anymore. PaperLess uploads the scanned files to Sage, where they are accessible anytime, anywhere. You can also retrieve the original invoice directly from within Sage by doing a live lookup.

How to Scan Invoices into Sage Accounting with PaperLess?

To scan invoices into Sage with PaperLess, you need to follow these three simple steps:

  1. Scan: Press the scan button in PaperLess. The program will scan your invoice, convert the scanned image into a PDF file, and display the new file.
  2. Extract Invoice Data: Automatically extract and review the key invoice data, such as invoice number, date, total, etc. You can also edit or add any information if needed.
  3. Upload Invoices to Sage: Press the post button. PaperLess will create an invoice in Sage with the data you entered and attach the scanned PDF document to the Sage invoice.

That’s it! You have successfully scanned an invoice into Sage. You can now view, edit, or delete the invoice in Sage.

What are the advantages of scanning invoices into Sage?

Scanning invoices into Sage is a smart way to streamline your accounting workflow and optimize your business performance. With PaperLess, you can scan invoices into Sage in seconds, without any hassle or errors. PaperLess is fully integrated with Sage 50cloud, Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 200 Professional and Sage 200 Standard.

What are Finance Professionals Saying About the Invoice Scanning Software for Sage and SAP?

“Amazing, cannot believe I have never heard of PaperLess everyone needs to get their hands on this program.”

Sharon Harkins Office Manager RAD Hotel Group

“PaperLess is a great system to use as it is a lot faster than approving the pile of paper”

Nicholas Reyes-Ramirez, Everyman Media Group’s Finance Assistant

 “the main change is that we have a central filing system that can be accessed by everybody without the need to (mis-)file paperwork, and greater control of both the Sales and Purchasing systems.”

Paul Adams, from JACOB

“I personally think it’s great. It allows me to enter invoices without the requirement to manually input all of the data and then refer to archived documents with ease”

UKFast Finance Director, Joseph Ryland

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