How to Secure Funding for Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environmental Projects

23rd Jul 2021
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Careful management and preservation of food, natural resources, agriculture and the environment are critical to the survival of us as a race and the preservation of our planet. It, therefore, makes sense that we should encourage research, development and innovative projects that will make key advancements in those areas. 

This is exactly what Horizon Europe (Horizon 2020’s predecessor) is doing with the launch of the 6th cluster in their EU funding programme: Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment.

The European Funding Framework Programme has a pot of €8.95 billion to fund research, development and innovation projects in the food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture and environmental industries.

Let’s find out more.

What is cluster 6 and what are its objectives?

Sustainability is at the centre of Cluster 6: Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment. Over the course of 7 years, Horizon Europe will fund innovative projects that encourage an environmentally friendly approach to our planet whilst also meeting our needs, as a population.

The aim of cluster 6 is to encourage innovative projects that:

Support a transformative change of the EU economy and society to reduce environmental degradation, stop and reverse the decline of biodiversity, and better manage natural resources while meeting the EU’s climate objectives and ensuring food and water security.” – Accelopment

What type of projects can apply for cluster 6 funding?

With a total budget of €8.95 billion, there are seven destinations that eligible cluster 6 projects fall under:

Destination 1. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: This destination has been allocated €501 million for projects that are aiming to launch innovative biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Destination 2. Fair healthy and environmentally friendly food systems from primary production to consumption: Projects that involve developing environmentally friendly food systems can apply for a slice of the €417 million budget that destination 2 has to offer.

Destination 3. Circular Economy and the Bioeconomy: €269 million has been set aside to fund projects that advance the circular and bioeconomy.

Destination 4. Clean environment and zero pollution: Any project that is trying to create a cleaner environment and helping to reduce pollution can apply to receive funding from this destination's €116 million budget.  

Destination 5. Land, oceans and water for climate action: This destination has €299 million to support projects that work with either land, ocean or water to reduce climate change.

Destination 6. Resilient inclusive and healthy and green rural, coastal and urban communities: With a budget of €128 million, projects that try to build green rural and coastal communities can apply for funding under this destination.  

Destination 7. Innovative governance environmental observations and digital solutions in support of the Green Deal: Any digital solution that supports the green deal can apply to receive funding from this destination's €497 million pot.

For the best outcome possible, eligible candidates for Horizon Europe funding should collaborate with a range of partners on projects that create solutions to the issues outlined in these seven destinations.

Why you should apply for cluster 6 funding

Although Horizon Europe is focused on supporting economic growth and competitiveness in Europe, the UK is an associated country. This means that any UK-based company can apply for Horizon Europe funding.

In fact, it’s in our best interests to do so, especially when it comes to applying for cluster 6 funding.

Traditionally, we’ve experienced a lot of success when submitting winning grant proposals for this cluster. For instance, under the previous Horizon 2020 Programme, over €230 million was awarded to over 700 UK research organisations, universities, businesses and charities.

Plus, applying for Horizon Europe funding means building effective international partnerships and having access to wider pools of talent and expertise, which can only bolster reputation, competitiveness and the UK’s economy.

How to apply for cluster 6 funding

The deadline for proposals for cluster 6 funding is 6th Oct 2021. So, if you, or any of your clients, are working on projects that fall within one of the seven destinations within cluster 6, then applications for funding should be submitted here before 6th Oct.

However,  it’s expected that only 176 projects will win funding through cluster 6. So, applying for Horizon Europe funding is fiercely competitive, with thousands of organisations, universities and charities across the whole of Europe and the UK submitting proposals for their innovative projects in a bid to become one of the winning 176.

Therefore, to stand any chance of winning funding, it’s critical that submitted applications meet all the criteria and sell the proposed project skilfully.

This is where working with dedicated grant writing specialists like Myriad Associates becomes paramount. With over a decade of experience and with a 75%-win rate, the grant writing team at Myriad Associates will work with you or your clients to craft and submit a winning proposal.

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