How to secure predictable monthly payments from your clients

17th Oct 2020
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Getting clients to set up direct debits or to pay invoices on time can be a challenge for many accounting firms. And for Joe David, the Founder of Nephos, this used to be the case.

Joe had implemented a cloud-based proposal tool from the outset of launching his firm to take care of his letters of engagement and proposals, but it lacked an integration with a direct debit provider.

This meant that although proposals and engagements letters got signed, he often found himself chasing new clients to set up direct debits, which took up time and money. And even once direct debits had been set up, any changes in scope that affected the monthly payment amounts had to be manually updated on the direct debit - often resulting in errors or people forgetting to do it.

However, since implementing an automated end-to-end engagement process, Joe has now saved himself the time and hassle of chasing clients to do this.

In this free guide, discover how Nephos now secures predictable monthly payments from 79% of their clients (without having to worry about outstanding invoices).