How to Solve a Problem Like Intercompany Reconciliations Through Finance Software

26th Jul 2021
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If you are a CFO in a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) struggling with errors in your intercompany reconciliation, this post is for you!

You will learn

  1. Why intercompany eliminations are often complicated tasks in a small or medium-sized group.
  2. You will learn how to quickly locate and avoid errors in your intercompany reconciliation to ensure that intercompany sales and purchases are always eliminated correctly.

Intercompany reconciliation seems like a small thing in a monthly account. But when your balance sheet does not add up due to intercompany transactions that have not been eliminated correctly, it can mean hours of extra work and redoing reports.

Then the question often is: Why doesn’t it add up? And how will you locate and fix the error to reconcile the account?

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We know Intercompany reconciliations are not the only though task finance professionals face.

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