How to solve the recruitment challenge with technology

12th Jan 2020
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One of the most acute issues in the accountancy profession in recent years is recruitment, and it is one that seems to be here to stay. 

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It seems to be increasingly difficult to cover certain positions. And this is not just affecting the accountancy and finance profession. Chances are many of your clients are facing the same issues as well. 

Finding people with the right skills is difficult. Younger candidates might not have all the qualifications needed for the role and they might not have the appropriate background. 

With older candidates, the challenge is often technology. With new digitisation initiatives, such as MTD, as well as the continuous stream of new tools appearing, being tech-savvy is essential.

Tech is here to help

Even though technology might be making things more difficult for some in the recruitment sphere, it can also be your biggest ally.

This is because being digital can attract new employees. This is especially important for the younger generations, who are digital natives. 

Younger candidates expect a strong and positive workplace culture that offers work-life balance and wellbeing initiatives as well as digital tools for their day-to-day work. 

Showing your employees you care about them doesn’t have to be expensive. By providing employees with cloud portals and self-service systems, employees will have more autonomy and the ability to work from anywhere.

With online access to their annual leave calendar, the ability to change personal details, access to all their HR documents and all of their payslips, an employee app on their smartphones is a smart and cost-effective way for employers to show their employees they are in the same digital space.

Technology can also help you track the amount of work you do and who takes on which tasks in your organisation. If you are likely to need more people in your team to be able to do more work for your existing clients or to accept new ones, cloud tools give you the visibility you need so that you can act quickly. 

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