How to spend less time answering client emails

15th Sep 2021
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Communicating with clients during COVID-19 became a challenge for many accountants and payroll bureaus. Your clients understandably had more questions than ever before and some just needed your support and reassurance as they navigated their business through a challenging time.  

While this extra communication was warranted, email inboxes became flooded and replying to them all may have felt like a full-time job in itself. Some clients may have expected same day replies and it became draining for accountants trying to keep up. 

One thing accountants and bureaus can take from this experience is the importance of cutting down on any unnecessary email communication with clients. This is especially true when it comes to questions or requests in relation to payroll as they can be one of the most time consuming to reply to but also one of the easiest to eliminate completely. 

Common payroll client emails may include: 

  • Requests to make changes to the payroll (e.g. add a new starter, add holiday pay for an employee etc.) 
  • Requests for payroll documents (e.g. historic payslips, payroll reports etc.) 
  • Enquiries about amounts due to HMRC 

Luckily, for accountants and bureaus, you now have the ability to give clients direct access to the information they need without them having to contact you. By giving your clients access to their own online employer portal it means bureaus can put the power in their clients’ hands to take care of these requests themselves. Filtering out these types of emails from clients means a clearer inbox and more time to spend on other areas of the business. 

Stop the never ending client emails with an online employer portal

BrightPay Connect is a cloud add-on to BrightPay Payroll software which allows you to give your clients online access to payroll data, anytime, anywhere. All they need to do is log in to their employer portal from any computer or tablet device. 

What can the employer do through BrightPay Connect? 

Through BrightPay Connect’s bureau dashboard, you can send clients a "Payroll Entry Request" where your client will be asked to confirm employees' payments for that pay period. If needed, the client can quickly and easily enter details of any changes for that pay period, such as new starter details or adding bonus pay for an employee. The client also has the option to upload the timesheets, which is especially useful where employees work varied hours.  

This function means that the onus will be on the client to ensure all payroll information is correct. It also serves as a reminder to them to add any payroll details which they may otherwise have forgotten. Using this direct method of retrieving payroll data from the client means that you will longer need to go back and forth with your client over email to get the payroll ready to be finalised. It also cuts down on mistakes being made to the payroll, saving you a lot of time overall. 

From the online dashboard your client can also: 

  • View all employees’ current and past payslips 
  • View other employee documents (e.g. P45, P60 etc.) 
  • View a breakdown of amounts due to HMRC 
  • View up to date payroll reports in relation to employee pay, pension information, employee contact details and much more.  

Having quick and easy access to these functions means that payroll processers no longer need to waste time retrieving and forwarding this information to their clients. 

To learn more about the benefits of BrightPay Connect and how it can help your practice cut down on emails, book a free online demo today

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