How to win new prospects and clients

21st Feb 2020
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Sales pipeline


Your accounting firm needs a solid sales pipeline, just like any other business. Relying on secure, long-term relationships with existing clients keeps you ticking over: however, you’re always going to need a steady flow of new prospects and clients into the business.

Without an effective pipeline, maintaining sales targets, achieving full utilisation and creating stable revenues from your client base can become a worry – and a potential barrier to growth.

A flexible client relationship management (CRM) system helps you stay in control of new business and manage this all-important pipeline.

Managing your sales opportunities

The more control you have over your sales process, the greater chance you have of filling your sales pipeline – and ambitious accounting firms would be wise to invest in a sales-driven CRM system that has the functionality and ease-of-use your team will need.

New business opportunities can appear from a dizzying variety of sources. A new client may come from a word-of-mouth recommendation, from proactive business development activity, or by a slow process of ‘warming up’ a target client over a period of months, or even years. 

To keep track, you need the ability to record each interaction, track progress and have a holistic overview of how ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ this prospective client relationship actually is.

Putting your team back in control of sales

Managing your sales opportunities with Capsule is hassle-free and straightforward for your team to learn. And your pipeline management is driven by a modern, cloud-based interface or through our mobile app – putting you and your staff back in the sales driving seat. 

With Capsule CRM, you can:

  • Manage your sales pipelinea simple sales pipeline gives your firm’s business development a real boost. And with Capsule, your sales dashboard gives you a complete summary of your opportunities, including potential values, where they are in your pipeline and what needs to be done next. 
  • Set milestones and reminders – set sales milestones for following up on initial enquiries, sending out proposals or completing an engagement letter etc., so you always know where each client is within the pipeline process. You can also send automated reminders when a client’s contract is close to its expiration date, so you can quickly and efficiently renegotiate a new engagement and aim to retain the client.
  • Track all opportunities and enquiries – with all your sales activity being logged in one central, cloud-based system, you can efficiently track each and every opportunity. Log in from the cloud or use our handy mobile app, and access the current status of every single sales opportunity – with all the information, data, dates and key contacts needed to convert this prospect into a paying customer.
  • Drive your client onboarding process – your CRM can manage a pre-defined onboarding process for clients, walking them through each step of setting up as a client. This gives you a simple, standardised way to bring new clients up to speed and ready to begin a long-term engagement, or a piece of high-value project work.

Start using Capsule to drive your sales pipeline

Embrace the core benefits of an integrated Capsule CRM system – and gain some real control and flexibility over your critical sales pipeline management.

Try Capsule free for 30 days, or choose from our Professional package for small firms, or the Team package for growing practices with larger teams. 

Sign up here and transform your sales opportunities.