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R&D tax relief training and support

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How training your team results in better R&D clients

15th May 2024
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R&D tax relief training and support

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While there’s been plenty of press about the challenges of HMRC compliance checks and the struggle of dealing with unnamed caseworkers, we don’t hear nearly as much about claims before they get into HMRC’s hands.

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Perhaps that’s because R&D advisory teams have their hands full guiding clients through the rules and nuances of the scheme, dealing with HMRC, and managing capacity to ensure that everything runs smoothly and claims get submitted on time. It’s not an easy job.

Making things even harder, HMRC has significantly increased its scrutiny of claims, and we’d wager that everyone working in R&D tax relief has had to make some adjustments.

If you’re involved in finding and bringing on new clients, being able to predict which of these are going to result in good claims is more important than ever. With HMRC being so trigger-happy about enquiries, understanding the risks and liabilities posed by your prospects from the very start is crucially important.

What are your options for training your staff?

Before the recent sharp rise in R&D enquiries, training and onboarding was arguably less important. HMRC was more forgiving and would often help advisors talk through and understand how the rules applied to a particular claim. 

This meant that simple in-house training, a buddy-system, or even just a hefty handbook of references and guides could be enough to adequately equip your staff.

That just isn’t the case now, and the margins for error have shrunk dramatically. It’s tough to keep up with the changes and still run a profitable business. 

New training for sales reps and advisors screening prospects for R&D tax relief claims

Based on the experiences of our expert staff and feedback from our members, we’ve recently developed another new training course – Qualifying Leads for R&D Tax Relief. It’s designed to help you improve your team’s screening processes to adapt to the higher standards now being applied by HMRC.

At The R&D Community, our goal is to help you improve and maintain the standard of your R&D tax relief claims. We do this through our unique support services and training academy, which includes a whole range of courses and resources on R&D topics. 

This new course, about Qualifying Leads, is full of information that’s directly related to HMRC’s current behaviour and other industry trends. 

For instance, right now it’s important to prioritise eligibility when screening and selling to potential R&D customers. When both you and your propsects have the same understanding of what HMRC means by “R&D”, it’s much easier for your sales team to discern which clients are promising. 

The course covers:

  • The basic screening checks that you need to ask every prospect,
  • Competent Professionals and the information you need to get from them,
  • Why grants and subcontracting arrangements can affect a claim’s risk level,
  • The 5 different R&D schemes and useful rules of thumb on what companies can expect back from each,
  • Tips on how to reject clients diplomatically.

Whether you want to train a large team, or you’re handling all of this yourself, we have a range of membership options available starting from just £200+VAT per month. If you want a taste of our training first, you can watch two free videos from the course on Qualifying Leads for R&D Tax Relief.