How Uku can help you solve the recruitment conundrum

10th Jan 2020
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When it comes to improving anything, the first step is always understanding how it currently is. The same applies to your accountancy firm. 

To find out if and where you need extra help, you first need to have a sound understanding of what’s going on in your practice at the moment. Internal meetings and regular catch-ups with your colleagues can help with this. 

However, technology is now here to give you insight and make this task easier for you and your team. Besides helping you organise your tasks, your digital assistant Uku keeps track of everything that’s going on in your practice, including the work that everyone does and the amount of time it takes them to do it.

Having this level of visibility is important because, once you know how long everyone in your practice is spending on certain tasks, you will be able to tell in time if you need more people. 

This is especially useful to face the most challenging parts of the year, such as the tax season we are currently in. 

Helping your new employees become part of the team

Once you’ve found the right candidate, the work doesn’t stop there - this is actually just the beginning of the process. Now it is time to make the new recruit become part of the firm.

Uku makes hiring new people very easy and smooth for you and for your new employees, by streamlining the onboarding process for your new employees to prevent the learning of wrong practices

By having all the information under every client profile, you can simply add a new employee to the client card for them to have all the necessary information to start working. 

This includes a recurring task plan with information about the client expectations and the things that should be done and when, but also important notes that the new employee has to be aware of when they start working with a new client

Your employees can easily see information such as what accounting software the client uses, who to contact if they have any questions, what the recent communication with the client has been as well as what the rules of procedure with the client are, if there are any.

Easy learning process

When new employees join the team and they are assigned to client tasks, they might struggle with some of them or be unsure of what to do. This is normal, and part of the learning curve in any new job. And once again, tech is here to help both your new recruits and the rest of your team.  

Whenever they have a question, a new recruit can add a comment to the task, so they don’t need to interrupt anyone else. Then, It is pre-confirmed that every day between 11am and 12am and 3-4pm, manager and new recruit run a report for commented tasks and discuss the possible solutions (of course, you can change the time to something more convenient to you!). 

This saves everyone's time by allocating a certain time of the day for any Q&A, so that the other members of the team are not disturbed at any time.

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