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How VIRTUAL CABINET users can upgrade to automated PRACTICE MANAGEMENT

15th Mar 2019
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Installing Logical Office CRM takes care of it.

Set-up is quick and easy – we do it for you.

We link your SQL database (IRIS/DIGITA/CCH/TAXCALC) to create a CRM database.

Alternative sources are XERO, or Excel.

We convert your Virtual Cabinet documents into Logical Office.

Once your database is populated, our automatic email filing takes over.

No need to manually file emails, or search your inbox.

You see a complete client file with all correspondence in one place.

You reduce your inbox from thousands to just those needing attention.

No need to look up accounting dates ever again – they’re all updated from Companies House.

Use the Action List for reminders and work management.

Add Workflows to automate client reminders.

Add Time Recording to know the true profitability on every job.

See what your staff are doing with Logical Office’s Activity Report.

Speed the sending of emails by using our template library provided on installation.

Send and record SMS text messages in the client file without touching your mobile phone.

Write fully data merged letters with as few as one mouse click.

Customise the system by adding your own data screens and fields.

Add an external Portal with e-signing to completely automate document management.

“Logical Office saves the cost of an administrator that would spend hours sending out repetitive emails and reminders.

The use of workflows is the key and ensures correct data. With the added features of electronic signatures this has becoming a fully automated CRM system for accountants.” 

                                                                        Rajesh Kohli, Power Accountax

Checking lists manually and contacting each client is a tedious chore and there’s no end to it.

Instead of paying staff (or yourself) to do this, why not automate the whole process?

“We save 2/3 days per month using Logical Office workflows to automate our systems”

                                                                                                Darren Fagan, LessTax2Pay

Working with accountants for many years, Logical Office has developed a library of “deadline-busting” Workflows (see overleaf).

Logical Office fills in the gaps in your existing systems and a fully paperless office with email integration.

We continually add new features to make Logical Office the best Practice Management system for accountants.

However, you can recommend Logical Office to any of your clients, because it solves the same business problems faced by most small companies.

To save time, integrate databases to reduce maintenance, and automate your practice contact us to book a short online demonstration, or to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Call +44(0)20 7482 7077 or email [email protected]

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