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HR & Recruitment headaches are easily cured

26th Oct 2018
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Administering staff and recruitment records can be a nuisance and typically most organisations don’t have software for this.

Help is at hand because Logical Office LITE works brilliantly for all activities relating to staff records or recruitment and saves time compared to tracking documents in Windows directories or Excel or bits of paper.

LITE shows a complete history in its paperless office so no searching.

Unlike CRMs written for clients, Logical Office handles staff, recruitment companies, HMRC records – any kind of organisation or individual.

Setting up a separate secure database is easy and you can keep your confidential employee or potential candidate data on your local network or in the cloud.

Logical Office tracks all important communication with staff and candidates including:

  • Reviews
  • Commissions
  • Warnings
  • Attendance
  • Pension information
  • CVs
  • Next of kin information
  • References

It’s easy to write letters, send emails and text messages.

When staff are late or sick, just update the diary so you find out how many days are required for SSP.

For recruitment, one of the challenges is contacting the candidate and having the CV to hand without searching.

Once the candidate is set up in Logical Office, sending an email and text requesting an initial call takes a few mouse clicks, using the template library.

Entering recruitment agencies means all applications are auto-filed in the confidential database.

Email traffic is all auto-filed so you get a 100% history without filing.

You send job offers or salary reviews encrypted so no problems with GDPR.

HR and recruitment are included in the LITE version of Logical Office at just £20+VAT per month.

With Logical Office LITE you get a complete paperless office with automated email filing, GDPR encryption, date encryption, companies house integration and much more.

For more information email [email protected] or call +44(0)207 482 7077