Humanise the Numbers podcast - episode 9: David Belbin of Clemence Hoar Cummings

25th Jan 2021
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In the latest Humanise the Numbers podcast, Paul Shrimpling talks with David Belbin, Managing Partner at Clemence Hoar Cummings, about how he and his 24 person firm builds human interaction with their clients.

We are delighted to be sponsors of the Humanise the Numbers podcast and in this episode, we find out how Clemence Hoar Cummings foster a relationship around human interaction with their clients to build the fundamental foundations of great client loyalty and therefore fees, profits and capital value for the future.

On the Humanise the Numbers site, you'll find a whole series of podcast interviews with the leaders of accounting firms, firms that are building (or have already built) a firm of the future now!

You'll hear key insights, key skills and key habits that are underpinning the success of these firms right now. Insights, skills and habits that can underpin your firm's future success too. 

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