If time is money, why not make more of it?

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A cliché is defined as a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought. Well, we might be guilty of using a cliché or two here at Logical Office, but we’re certainly not unoriginal.

It’s common knowledge that time is money – even the worst entrepreneurs are aware of this.

But if you asked the average entrepreneur how they think such a principle can be used to achieve commercial success, they’d probably conclude that we ought to work longer hours!

That’s not how we look at it – life’s too short. Instead, we recognise that some activities aren’t as productive as others.

Ipso facto: if we maximise time allocated towards the more productive activities, and minimise time allocated towards the less productive activities, then we have a formula for commercial success – while still having time to do the gardening!

Now, the least productive (and, to be sure, the most tedious and mundane) activities are administration – the filing, the data entry, the emailing, etc.

That’s because there’s no direct correlation between administration and revenue – not like when you’re in a meeting with a client and charging them £50 per hour.

Of course, that doesn’t mean to say that administration is pointless – after all, it facilitates your billable hours.

However, one of the reasons that administration is tedious and mundane in the first place is because it’s uncomplicated and repetitive, and anything which is uncomplicated and repetitive can easily be automated.

Just imagine: no more filing, no more data entry, and no more writing long emails!

But let me just take a minute to put this into perspective for you…

It’s a little known fact that a typical worker wastes around 30 minutes a day manually typing emails rather than automating this process using templates.

And it’s an even lesser known fact that 30 minutes a day amounts to around three working weeks of wasted time over the course of a year!

So, just imagine again: Three weeks of time saved per employee just from automating your emailing!

And the fun doesn’t stop at automatic email sending – here at Logical Office we aim to automate as much of our customer’s day-to-day workloads as possible: automatic encryption for GDPR compliance, automatic filing of emails, automatic email campaigning using mailshots, automatic text messaging, automatic reminders, automatic invoicing, automatic debtor statements, automatic quoting, automatic chasing, automatic PDF conversion, and automatic whatever you like with flexible Workflows.

So, sometimes a cliché can take you a long way – switch to Logical Office and we’ll show you how.