Implications of AI in accounting

14th Oct 2019
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Life as a practitioner appears to be an endless obstacle course of new compliance hurdles that need to be overcome. But if you’re always focusing on the next fence, you may not see how the course is changing ahead of you.

Artificial intelligence has been through a period of hype in recent years. While the noise has simmered down, machine learning and AI bots are permeating the profession in different ways – from autocoding transactions in accounting software to dealing with client queries on practice websites.

If you’ve got any concerns or questions about the impact AI is likely to have on accountancy, this is your chance to find the answers. This webcast offers practitioners a chance to hear how AI is already being used by leading Accounting Excellence practitioners and how the experts at Sage expect the technology to develop.


In this Accounting Excellence Talks session we’ll discuss:

  • What we mean by the terms AI and machine learning, and the different types and techniques of AI being used within accountancy including communications assistants/bots like Pegg, and algorithmic machine learning. 
  • The automation challenge – concerns over the percentage of accountancy jobs said to be at risk from AI, and what the panellists have seen happening within firms.
  • Where can AI tools make the most impact on accountancy – audit automation & fraud detection, streamlining compliance workflows, or “nudging” advisers and finance managers to focus on underlying patterns and anomalies in accounting data.

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The 2019 Talks series sees expert panels offer insights and practical advice for accountants through live, interactive video streams. You can also watch here the whole 2019 series now on demand.