Improved credit notes and live chat support with FreeAgent

30th Jul 2020
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Award-winning accounting software provider FreeAgent has made some exciting changes recently, designed to save both you and your clients time.

FreeAgent Credit Notes

New and improved credit notes

FreeAgent has just released an update to improve sales credit notes, automating and simplifying the process significantly.

When you want to refund an invoice on behalf of a client, you can either create a credit note directly from the invoice or create a new credit note from scratch. In either case, you can now match the invoice and its credit note directly to one another. Once matched, the invoice and credit note will be netted off automatically.

More information can be found on FreeAgent’s Knowledge Base.

Live chat support available

If you’ve switched to a client’s account and are looking for some help, you can use Ruby the Robot - FreeAgent's AI-powered virtual assistant - to search for relevant resources in FreeAgent. If Ruby can’t find what you’re looking for, you can now select ‘Get in touch’ and start a live chat with a member of FreeAgent’s practice support team who will be happy to help with your query.


Find out more about how FreeAgent can help you work with your small business clients better here.

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