Improved Custom Imports in Pandle

9th Aug 2019
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Around Pandle HQ, it’s a well-known fact that we love automation. We’re always thinking of ways we could automate more bookkeeping processes for our users.

It’s why we’d like to shout about our latest improvements to Custom Imports!

With this update, Pandle will now be able to detect what the example file columns are going to be used for. Then, pre-populate them for users, when they are creating their Custom Import formats.

Frustration-free bookkeeping

Previously, Pandle would have required users to manually define each column from the imported file. It was a precarious process, with the potential for users to select the wrong input. It could cause myriad issues further down the line when users uploaded their actual File Import.

But not anymore! Pandle will now recognise and automatically match the correct column with the correct input type from the ‘What Is This?’ column.

Not only that, Pandle will also detect the format for each column wherever possible (such as the date format for example), reducing the potential for errors and speeding up the process of creating Custom File Import Formats.

Setting Pandle up to pre-populate import entries is just one of the steps we’re taking in order to provide our users with frustration-free bookkeeping. It’s all part of making Pandle even quicker and easier for users at every level.

If you’re currently using Custom Imports or think this feature may be useful to you then test it out and let us know your feedback, we’d love to hear from you! Simply email [email protected] or send us a quick message using our Live Chat.