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SAP® Concur® is the world’s leading brand for travel, expense and invoice management solutions.

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Independent Reviews of Our Technology: Don’t Just Take Our Word for It!

9th Jul 2020
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SAP® Concur® is the world’s leading brand for travel, expense and invoice management solutions.

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When you’re making a big buying decision, what factors influence your decision? You’ll read company websites, maybe have conversations with sales representatives. You might draw up lists of pros and cons of the various options.

But at some stage, you’ll want to know what other people who’ve made a similar purchase think. Why? Because you want some reassurance that you’re about to make the right decision. If other people are pleased with their purchase, the chances are that you will be too.

This desire to know what other people think is normal human behaviour. As Robert B. Cialdini writes in Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion: “As a rule, we will make fewer mistakes by acting in accord with social evidence than contrary to it.”

Case studies on company websites are a good place to start to see if customers’ situations match your own.

You’ll probably ask friends or colleagues about their experiences of various products – one of the most frequent reasons we hear for people choosing the SAP Concur platform is that a colleague had used it in a previous organisation so had first-hand experience of the benefits.

You can also use independent review websites to get real life viewpoints from everyday users.


The SAP Concur Platform on Independent Review Websites

As you’ll see from the Reviews and Ratings page on our website, the SAP Concur platform features on the four big independent review websites for B2B software:



Reviews tend to focus on three areas:


  • Improving the employee experience
  • Streamlining processes and making them more efficient
  • Enhancing control and visibility


How SAP Concur Solutions Improve the Employee Experience

Many people’s reviews highlight how easy the system is to use.

You’ll see comments such as: “Submitting receipt images on the fly while travelling makes expense report completion a breeze, mobile app does what I need it to do on the road, desktop interface is easy to search for past reports, approvals are easy.”


Others say: “My team regularly uses Concur Expense to keep track of our expenses for the month so we can submit a report at the end of the month. The platform collects our records each month from the attached credit cards and lets us know what expenses we need to find receipts for so they can be submitted as a report for the company. Concur makes this super easy and painless so that we can get back to our jobs after coding our receipts.”

There are less positive comments too, of course, but it’s interesting to set these in context. For example, one reviewer says: “It was met with some resistance from the pen-and-paper crowd, but I think it has been an absolute blessing for the users and the department managing expenses.” 


How SAP Concur Solutions Streamline Processes and Drive Efficiency

Other users highlight the efficiency our solutions bring.

For example: “We have been using Concur now for a couple years and it has cut back the time and cost of doing accounts payable in half at least.”

Another says: “For a company of our size (60+) employees it is a must to keep everyone organised. In the past this was done through spreadsheets and would lead to a lot of extra work and confusion at times. Now the process is much smoother and the employees feel much freer to handle it.”


How SAP Concur Solutions Improve Control and Visibility

People also flag up how the system brings more control.

You can read comments such as: “I like the way that we can book our travels, rental auto, hotels and we can oversee cost reports in a single place.”

Others say: “Our entire organisation uses Concur Travel and Expense to track all personal expenses, specifically mileage. This platform allows us to track and reimburse costs in one convenient location quickly.”


Get the Reassurance You Need

Choosing software for your business is a big decision, so it’s important to do your research. If you’re looking at SAP Concur solutions for your business, we recommend you check out independent review websites as part of the process to see what real life users think – all the links you need are on our Reviews and Ratings page.