Innovative online platform allows SMEs to claim lucrative R&D tax credits

Brought to you by Tax Cloud

Whether you (or your clients) are already claiming R&D tax credits or merely contemplating it – Tax Cloud will ensure your small business is receiving its full entitlement.

Small businesses looking to take advantage of potentially lucrative government R & D tax credits can now make use of an online portal to help them process their claim, and ensure that they are receiving their full entitlement.

Tax Cloud is a technology-driven platform that’s been created with innovative SMEs in mind. The platform has been specifically designed to guide SMEs through the R&D tax claim process in a simple, convenient and cost-effective way.

Barrie Dowsett, CEO of Tax Cloud, said, “The R&D tax relief process can be confusing for those that haven’t gone through it before and many businesses are under-claiming.  This means that many SMEs are missing out on tax credits that could amount to tens of thousands of pounds. For small businesses, these savings can have a huge impact, allowing them to further invest in their operations and team.

“Tax Cloud is all about making these vital R&D reliefs more accessible to the businesses that are developing new or improved products, processes and services across a huge range of industries.”

Tax Cloud connects ambitious SMEs with experienced professionals that can deliver specialist support. Operated by Myriad Associates, an organisation recognised for helping businesses maximise tax reliefs, small businesses know they can rely on the advice and recommendations they receive. The Tax Cloud approach not only speeds up the whole process but gives users access to an expert in their field who can review and offer support at each stage. The online platform allows firms to enter their descriptions and costs, receiving a compiled report that’s ready to send to HMRC in return.

Tax Cloud also has an excellent Partner Programme that is ideal for Accounting Practices, Solicitors and other professional service businesses that would like to offer a specialist R&D tax claim service.  The packages on offer range from a simple Introducer arrangement to a full Certified Partner allowing the practice to access Tax Cloud on their client’s behalf.  The Partner Programme looks like a great opportunity to attract new clients by offering a R&D tax claim service supported by a recognised R&D tax specialist.

With just four simple steps for customers to follow and supported by a wealth of experience, it’s the go to place to process your R&D tax credits claim. Visit to get started.