Introducing: BTCSoftware’s Charity Compliance Solution

12th Aug 2020
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For the last four years, BTCSoftware has provided its clients with easy-to-use annual accounts templates for both incorporated and unincorporated English and Scottish charities. The templates are part of AP Solution, which our customers voted Accounts Production Software of the Year.

Now, new for 2020, we’re introducing Charity Compliance Solution for charities and their accountants who need straightforward, powerful software. Here’s what it’s all about!

The AP Solution Charity Templates

For your charity clients, AP Solution gives you everything you need to comply with the reporting requirements of the English or Scottish Charity Commission's Statements of Recommended Practice and Company Law (if relevant) plus the requirements of the appropriate Statement of Recommended Practice.

Reporting is easy for charitable organisations complying with the FRS 102 SORP and UK GAAP (if relevant), allowing you to produce:

A Statement of Financial Activities (SOFA)

A summary income and expenditure account

Analysis of income and expenditure across funds

Analysis of restricted, unrestricted and endowment funds

Analysis of the sources of income

It's intuitive to use, with simple integration with our Corporation Tax module giving you the flexibility to meet your charity clients' needs.

Charitable Organisations and Corporation Tax

Charities recognised by HMRC may be eligible for exemption from tax on all or part of their income and gains. Generally, the Charities and Community Amateur Sports Club Supplementary page to the CT600 - the CT600E - must be completed to form a charity's claim to exemption from tax on the basis that its income and gains have been applied for charitable and qualifying purposes only. How often the charity is asked to make a return will depend on the extent and nature of its activities.

A tax return must be completed if the charity has any income that does not qualify for tax relief. Additionally, HMRC can ask for a tax return from a charity that has no tax to pay – they will write to request this on a case-by-case basis.

Make Charity compliance simple

Award-winning CT Solution features the CT600E Supplementary Schedule for Corporation Tax returns for charities.

Plus CT Solution benefits from its integration with our Accounts Production module, saving you time and effort. It gives you everything you need to support your charity clients without breaking the bank!

CC Solution

Our new Charity Compliance Solution is an affordable solution for charities which need to complete Corporation Tax returns alongside their annual accounts.

You get an easy way to meet your compliance obligations with an all-in-one solution, plus complimentary telephone support should you need a helping hand.

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