Introducing Table of Contents, and more exciting updates

13th Jan 2020
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2019 was an exciting year for Fathom. In August we started rolling out our slick new reporting platform, and over the following months we continued to introduce a range of new improvements to make your report building as speedy and as enjoyable as possible.

Our November announcement brought even more new features for Reporting, as well as some handy new tricks for Analysis tools.

New in Reporting

Table of Contents

Looking to add a reference list to your printed reports to make them easier to browse?
We’ve added the ability for you to easily include a Table of Contents to the beginning of your PDFs or printed reports.

You can turn the Table of Contents on from your ‘Print Settings’.

Reporting Table of Contents

Multi-Drag Charts and Tables

Moving and rearranging large groups of charts has never been easier. Our brand new drag and drop report builder has been a hit with users, but we wanted to make the experience even more efficient. You can now select multiple components by holding down ctrl + clicking on each element, and then drag an entire group to rearrange.

New in Analysis

Chart Type Selector

Say hello to even more flexibility with exploring your trend data in Analysis tools!
In the Trend tool, we’ve added the ability for you to change from a line chart, to a bar or area chart instead. 

It’s as easy as clicking on the metric name, and selecting the chart icon that you’d like to apply to that metric. You can even mix and match different chart types.

Sharable links 

Across many of our Analysis tools, we've added the ability for you to deep-link to a specific tool with options turned on/off. This means you can get your analysis tools in your favourite configuration (e.g. KPI explorer, showing off-track KPIS, sorted by importance) and then bookmark these URLs to come back to, or send a link to a client or colleague.

You can use these new deep-links in:

  • KPIs
  • KPI Explorer
  • Growth
  • Rank
  • Compare 
  • Financials

We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback. If you have any questions please email us at [email protected].