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IRIS might not be the right fit for you

17th May 2019
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You don’t expect a software provider to come to you and, as the first point of the conversation, say: we might not be the right fit for your accountancy practice.

You’d be very surprised to hear that wouldn’t you? Well, that’s what you can expect as a potential new customer of IRIS when a member of our sales team first speaks to you.

It’s true. We are not the right solution for everyone, and we say this honestly, up front. When we have an initial chat with a new firm, it’s about establishing the practice’s unmet needs and demands. Can IRIS solutions satisfy these?

During this first face-to-face conversation, we talk to the Partners about what’s working well for them, their client relationships, the current services they offer and how they’d like to expand upon these.

About 90% of that first discussion is the accountant telling us what problems they are having. They tell us the hurdles they have been trying to overcome – some are long term, others are more recent.

Nine times out of 10 the big problem turns out to be about data being in different places and that has led them to be really inefficient. They are looking for solution at that point – one we know that IRIS can solve. So, then we demo the software.

If the Partners like it, then we ask them, do they want to pay for it? We acknowledge that new customers are often wary of IRIS because, perhaps, some see it as being at the more expensive end of the scale. But they are often pleasantly surprised when they discover we are flexible, commercially responsive, and able to tailor things in ways you might not realise.  We understand that every practice is different, and we operate on a basis that one size definitely does not fit all.

We have a conversation around how value for money outweighs simple headline costs. Price is what you pay – value is what you get. It’s the cost versus benefit equation. Every client we speak to can relate to this.

Ultimately, everyone wants to know that the software will result in the practice making more money. That’s what it does. IRIS pays for itself.

We’ve recently published a catalogue in which we detail our approach more extensively and explain to accountants what coming on board with IRIS could mean for their practices.

We explain how the bit that all accountants fear – making the switch and all the potential hassle and complication this could bring – is much less tricky than it might seem. Although such a big change is potentially a cause for worry for any practice, this is a well-trodden path for IRIS. Our team has seen it all. They are highly experienced experts who will do the work and make it feel seamless.

Our team are there to hold your hand to walk you through the changes. They want you to make the most of the investment you make with us from day one and they begin to work on this immediately, accelerating the time it takes for you to get the absolute maximum return.

Please read more from our sales team HERE and you’ll see how we don’t take the obvious route when it comes to persuading potential new customers to move to IRIS.

Whether it turns out that IRIS is the wrong fit or the ideal solution, a quick, informal chat will help us and you to reach a conclusion.