IRIS reveals remote working support for Sage, Digita, CCH and TaxCalc practices

3rd Apr 2020
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The coronavirus outbreak has caused mayhem for businesses across the world.

But IRIS is here to help, and for the last few weeks we’ve been helping our customers and their employees to get ready to work from home.

And we can now support home working for other accountancy practice providers’ customers too - whether you’re using Sage, Digita, CCH or TaxCalc or something else.  We can get you up and running with our secure, reliable, easy hosting service.

The message from Government is loud and clear as this crisis escalates – stay at home.

Indeed, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said this week: “Employers should be taking every possible step to make sure remote working can happen.”

So the urgency for accountancy practices, like all businesses, to get set up rapidly is not in doubt.

But we know lots of UK accountants are not yet set up for secure home working and may be fearing it could take weeks or months to get the right systems and tools in place.

However, that’s not the case. IRIS has launched a new Fast Track Service for IRIS Hosting to ensure you can get set up in just a few days, rather than weeks.

And, as already mentioned, practices don’t have to be IRIS customers to be able to use IRIS Hosting.

At IRIS, we know remote working can be a productive and effective way for accountancy firms to operate because many of our customers have been doing so for quite some time. We have many examples of accountants who already had flexible or remote working arrangements in place – long before the coronavirus pandemic began to force companies into operating in this way – because they recognised the benefits it afforded them.

These practices have seen the benefits of IRIS Hosting, a scalable, secure and fast hosting system that puts your desktop in the cloud - that's your accountancy software, Microsoft Office applications, Office 365, email etc. And the advantages were never more clear than now. Read more here.

Sylvia Palmer from leading accountants Jones & Co in Farnborough has been using IRIS Hosting for a few years.  Team members can log in at any time to get key tasks done, no matter where they are.

Sylvia says:I’m the world’s biggest fan of IRIS hosting. For me it’s perfect. We can work wherever we want and whenever we want, and it always works.”

Why will it help your practice?

Your home PC becomes your work PC

Moving to different locations to work is very disruptive and your staff need as much continuity as possible, especially with their computer set up.

But with IRIS Hosting you get an identical looking display to your office PC on whatever device you choose to log in through – with the same configuration, programs and set up.

Work anywhere, anytime

It’s crucial that your employees have the ability to work from anywhere, anytime, 24/7. No matter where they live, they should be able to log in to your business system and carry on as if they were in the office. You just need an internet connection with IRIS Hosting and you’re underway.

And it affords great flexibility – something crucial with the school closures. You may have staff who are facing the enormous challenge of trying to look after their children, school them, and work all at the same time. With IRIS Hosting they can work at whatever hour of the day best allows them to do so.

IRIS Hosting is the most efficient solution to the question: ‘how will we all work from home?’

Our quick response team is ready to help you. Book a call with our team here.