IRIS Software Group acquires Star Computers Limited

Brought to you by IRIS Software Group

IRIS Software Group, the UK’s business critical software provider has acquired Star Computers Limited, a leading provider of payroll software to bureaus and businesses.

Star Computers Limited joins the IRIS Human Capital Management (HCM) Division which provides IRIS Payroll & HR for organisations with large and complex payroll requirements. The acquisition extends the portfolio within IRIS HCM to offer payroll and HR solutions to an even wider audience, and positions IRIS as the UK’s leading payroll bureau software specialist.

Star Computers Limited’s popular payroll solution, Star Payroll Professional is used by payroll bureaus serving more than 75,000 organisations including over 50% of the top 100 UK accountants, and delivering over one million payslips every single month.

Commenting on the acquisition, Oliver Shaw, CEO of IRIS HCM says, “IRIS delivers 2,500,000 payslips every month to the UK workforce, we’re delighted to be able to reach and positively affect 1,000,000 more UK employees through the acquisition of Star Computers.”

The IRIS HCM Division now offers integrated bookkeeping, payroll & HR solutions to organisations from one to 10,000 employees and beyond.

Kevin Dady, CEO of IRIS Software Group says, “Star Computers is a well-established provider of payroll software and offers an exciting opportunity for us to expand our HCM portfolio. With this acquisition, we’re able to meet the most demanding needs of customers across the UK with an industry leading product set and further extend our ability to service every business in the UK.”

Bernard Skalla, CEO of Star Computers Ltd, says, “Like Star, IRIS Software Group has built an excellent reputation in delivering great payroll solutions to its customers for many years. We’re delighted to join the IRIS team and look forward to extending the offerings available for our loyal customers into the future. IRIS HCM is clearly very well placed to support and aid our continued success.”