Is GDPR a toothless solution for perfect pasta (spam) emails?

2nd Nov 2018
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The email in my inbox today reads “Perfect Pasta in 90 seconds”.

Actually, it sounds quite appealing, but that’s not the point.

I didn’t subscribe to any pasta suppliers, and I consider it to be SPAM.

So GDPR hasn’t made any difference on this occasion, leaving me two choices:

  1. Send a complaining email to the sender outlining the infringement of my legal rights etc.

Do I have time for this? No.

  1. Click the UNSUBSCRIBE button and move on with life.

Clearly option 2 is the sensible solution, and the outcome of option 1 is surely achieved faster using option 2 without wasting time.

So the truth is, SPAMMERS can continue because GDPR can’t stop them and it’s not practical to go legal about one email.

If you did sue the sender, what sort of quantum of damages could you expect?

What would the barrister say in court?

Your honour, I respectfully submit that the claimant suffered severe trauma upon the unexpected receipt of the pasta email, compromising his appetite and threatening the efficacy of his strict diet. Also, he wasted two minutes writing a complaint to the sender, and of course incurred lost time valued at … etc”

Of course, it’s not going to happen, especially on the basis of one email.

GDPR may be effective for email abusers who send millions of emails but these are likely to be hard to track down and cloaked by the anonymity of the web. The other question is – who has the time and incentive to do anything about it, even if the perpetrators could be tracked down?

I doubt if any lawyer would take on the case of the single unwelcome email, leaving the UNSUBSCRIBE option as the favourite and probably only practical option.

So, maybe GDPR is toothless in the real world and unenforceable for most of us!

At Logical Office we send business to business emails on the basis of Legitimate Business Interest (LBI) e.g. if we think we can save hours of time for potential clients, we’ll broadcast it.

We state the justification for LBI on all our emails too.

We don’t use misleading subjects. We clearly say who we are. We always include an UNSUBSCRIBE link, so if recipients don’t want our emails, they should spend the two seconds on clicking the link rather than two minutes writing indignant emails threatening legal action.

Using Logical Office’s marketing features, we can unsubscribe dozens of recipients in seconds.

We believe in automation so Logical Office can send targeted mail shots and manage the campaign to avoid double mailings.

We send emails from Logical Office’s mail shot program or Workflows through Ms-Office using an external internet provider allowing 100,000 emails per month for $79.95 and we process all rejected and invalid emails immediately.

Our template library and email management tools make it easy to maintain and create new emails (or letters/text messages).

Emails are the best form of communications anyway and should be encouraged (my politically incorrect and controversial statement for the day).

The alternative of sending paper is ecologically suspect, much more expensive, and creates a bigger problem for the recipient who has to waste time opening and disposing of physical items, sometimes even wrapped in clear plastic.

If you’ve ever tried to unsubscribe from a paper-based mail shot you’ll know what I mean.

Logical Office’s mail shot program handles GDPR preferences so clients who don’t want emails won’t get them.

The mail shot program is ideal for communicating with all clients and prospects, and for smaller volumes a separate internet provider shouldn’t be needed.

Anyway, writing this has made me think about pasta, so I’ve deleted my spam and I’m off to Vapiano, which I recommend if you get the urge https://uk.vapiano.com (no affiliation with Logical Office, just good pasta).

Mail shots are just one more thing you don’t have to worry about with Logical Office.

Whet your appetite with the following menu of tasty features:

  • Sales quotations
  • Prospect and client database
  • Companies House integration
  • Diary
  • Work Management
  • SMS text message integration
  • DropBox/OneDrive/G Suite integration

Rod Voyce
MD, Logical Office Ltd

For more information email [email protected] call +44(0)20 7482 7077 or visit www.logical-office.com/logical-office-lite