Is this the way to advertise cloud accounting software?

Brought to you by Arithmo

Arithmo Accounting Solutions are running an advertising campaign on Channel 5, targeting the audience of "The Business Inspector". They are looking to publicise their online accounting system to sole traders and small businesses.

See the online accounting advert shown around Channel 5's "The Business Inspector" here

Arithmo have been surprised with the results – the response has outstripped their expectations. However, there are a number of possible reasons. 

The system is designed to be an easy to use entry level accounting system for the small business. But it also has a full dashboard interface that allows for a high degree of collaboration between practice and client.  

As a practice whose clients may well use their system (or, dare we say it, one of its competitors), Arithmo are asking for your comments, good or bad.  

Would your clients understand what is being advertised and how it could help?
How could the message be improved?  

Please view the advert using the links here. It's only twenty seconds, and any point of view, good or bad, would be appreciated.  

For more information contact Julian Shaw or Mike Parkes on 0161 968 7395


About Arithmo

Arithmo is an online bookkeeping program designed for the small business. Its easy to use interface allows users to be up and running within minutes without training. At the same time, it is a sophisticated double entry system with all the features normally associated with higher end software.

Arithmo is a client bookkeeping solution that can help your practice with its branding capabilities, letting you give your clients a unique, invaluable tool in your own logos and colours. You also benefit from a fully-featured Accountant's interface allowing you to make sure your clients books are kept in the way you prefer.

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Arithmo Accounting Solutions Ltd, 26 March 2010