Is your business flexible enough to cope with Covid-19?

15th Apr 2020
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How Cloud Technology can help with business continuity through Covid-19


As Italy and Spain extend their quarantine and the UK government discuss our next steps, Covid-19 is set to put every business’s flexible working capabilities to the test.

With the prospect of all staff needing to work from home with forced self-isolation, this can have huge knock on effects for businesses. Downtime and the ability to no longer carry on with day to day business tasks can result in huge losses and in some cases the inevitable colapse of companies - as we're starting to see in the travel industry.

However it's not all doom and gloom, especially in the service industry. As the setup of some basic tools can result in the ability to carry out day to day operations where ever your staff are.

Here at Cooper Parry IT, we’ve fully embraced flexible working (to the point the entire office is shut over the Christmas period, yet we provide the same level of service remotely). And we’d love to help you follow suit!

As Microsoft's global partner of the year, we have decades of experience in driving digital transformation for SMBs through the power of the cloud.

Find out more about how we can help you setup a toolset that allows your teams to work anywhere, anytime and make sure you have no downtime when the unexpected happens at: