It’s time to get SaaSy with finance

Brought to you by Aqilla

Still using legacy accounting and finance software? A new financial year calls for a new approach to your accounting!

Finance and accounting technology, installed onsite, served a purpose that has long since passed. It’s time for an accounting solution that was built for cloud.

New regulations (GDPR is obviously a very topical example of this), increasing expectations on the finance function plus modern cloud storage and deployment capabilities have all made huge advancements in recent years.

You’ve obviously got an awareness of cloud and the financial savings and security benefits it brings, but, like many organisations, this advancement may not yet have hit the finance team. It’s a typical scenario we encounter, organisations modernise the “face” of the business long before getting round to enhancing the essential elements that support the business. It’s time for that to change.

Here are 6 reasons to talk to Aqilla

  1. Cloud based: No lengthy installs and annoying upgrades. You can access Aqilla from anywhere on any device.
  2. Excel integration: With inbuilt reporting abilities, you’ll be able to do everything your company needs with added extras to make it easier along the way.
  3. Simple payments: No maintenance or upgrade charges, just one simple monthly subscription fee.
  4. Adaptable: Each Aqilla setup is personalised to your individual organisation with all the functions and features that will be useful to you.
  5. Secure: We use a reliable and well managed UK Data Centre, providing automatic backup and disaster recovery protection.
  6. Global reach: With class leading multilingual and multi-currency functionality.

Our most recent case study from Spotlight is a perfect example of a customer that was keen to get the full benefits of a cloud approach and describes their journey in replacing outdated, expensive and high-maintenance technologies.

Download their case study here