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Nomisma is a complete cloud accounting solution.

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It’s time to make those changes to improve your Practice!

29th Mar 2022
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Nomisma is a complete cloud accounting solution.

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Whilst this is a quieter period in the accounting cycle, it’s not the time to stop. It’s time to make those changes as you look to improve your Practice. Discover how, with Nomisma.

Now is the perfect time to make key changes | Nomisma | Shutterstock image of a countdown clock
Now is the perfect time to make key changes - image:Shutterstock

You survived January… and February!!! Well done! 

From our experience, this is the ideal time for you to invest in your Practice. It’s a time when most accountants and bookkeepers evaluate their processes, and how they can improve their services. So, have you identified where you want to see improvement? Have you thought about how the right software can help you make those desired improvements?

Nomisma users often tell us there were one or more of these reasons why they set off in search of new software for their Practice; to:

  • increase their client-base
  • become more efficient
  • reduce costs

Do any of these sound like any of your targets for this year? If so, read and discover how Nomisma can help you meet them.

How Nomisma can help you become more efficient

For Practice Management, Nomisma is your one-stop solution. With Nomisma, you can stay on top of every deadline, and manage the tasks your team are working on. Individual modules within the programme are interconnected, so everything which needs to be done is shown in a single dashboard, with its deadline clearly visible. And, because Nomisma is fully automated, you can massively improve how you work. From onboarding to CRM, and single ledger technology to automated payroll.

Through our fully-automated, completely cloud-based software, your Practice will be more efficient, staff managed in a simplified way, and clients are easily integrated through our apps.

How Nomisma can help you reduce costs

Time is money, so by worker smarter, not harder, Nomisma irons-out the processes to enable you to work smarter, and offers you a more cost-effective solution for your Practice. For example, when needing to make an amendment: Within Nomisma you can move or edit erroneous transactions within seconds. You can also pull through data from any module within Nomisma’s  bookkeeping, payroll and final accounts, without repetitive re-entry. And, as a complete cloud-based software, it shouldn’t surprise you to know Nomisma also comes with apps connecting your clients to their accounts – thus reducing the time it takes chasing receipts and sales invoices, as clients can upload direct through the app.

As a result, you save time. Saving time equals saving money. However, the best bit is Nomisma removes the need for several costly software solutions. Our pricing plans are structured to suit any-sized Practice, and help you keep your business costs, down.

How Nomisma can help you increase your client-base

Having saved time on those repetitive tasks, you gain time to devote to building better relationships with your clients, instead of focusing on resource-hungry tasks. You also gain time to focus on marketing to attract new leads. As a CRM system, Nomisma not only helps you manage your clients, it also helps you nurture leads. You can quickly generate an accurate quote, using our pre-built menu and value-based pricing matrix, within minutes. Once the lead becomes a client, our end-to-end onboarding process will enable you to onboard them.

As Nomisma was developed by accountants and bookkeepers for accountants and bookkeepers, it’s been designed with your growth in mind. Making it easier for you to scale-up, with the confidence Nomisma is on your side.


There’s so much more to discover in Nomisma, to help you achieve your Practice targets for the year. From bookkeeping & VAT,  Final Accounts & Corporation Tax, CRM & onboarding, Self-Assessment & Partnership Tax, Payroll, Pension & CIS, plus – of course – Practice Management. Contact Nomisma today, to discover how we can help you, you can even try Nomisma for free.