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It’s time we caught up!

10th Dec 2018
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You may have seen the odd update notification but it’s about time we sat down and caught up. The AccountancyManager team have been hard at work and we thought we should share what we’ve been up to.

So, What’s New?

One of our newest updates is to allow the ability to have ‘automated emails to be sent from the staff user assigned to the task’.
Currently, with all automated emails, the sender will be the ‘Manager’ of the client. After receiving your feedback, we have added the setting to allow the emails to come from the staff user assigned to the task instead.

To turn this setting on, please navigate to Settings > Automation Settings > Email Settings.


What else sneaked in?

  • The option to ignore blank values in your custom fee structures (won’t overwrite when empty)
  • Additional VAT, MA and custom service frequencies
  • Ability to archive all read notifications
  • A new setting to show the client's internal reference on the task list
  • Ability to view previously cleared or invoiced WIP
  • Function to export client WIP
  • Urgent note for client appears in red at top of all client pages
  • Select which staff member to send from when composing an email

What is around the corner? (And we mean just around the corner)

  • Xero Integration - Automatically syncs client data
  • Custom Forms – Allowing you to send checklists or data forms to clients through the client portal to gather information
  • Custom Workflow – Create custom workflows (advanced breakdowns) for your tasks

As always, we love hearing your suggestions. Our growing dev team are working towards adding new features every month.

You can keep up to date with the latest about AccountancyManager on our Facebook Community Page. We're also on TwitterInstagram and LinkedIn.

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