KashFlow attracts one new potential customer every 8 minutes

Brought to you by KashFlow

There has been a lot of hot air about cloud computing. Some say it’s the best thing since the birth of the internet, others bleat on about security. The proof of any innovation is customer take-up.

Anyone “listening” to the twitter these days will be aware of the growing buzz around cloud computing and the clever accounting software solution offered by KashFlow.

According to KashFlow CEO, Duane Jackson, a software developer evangelical about the web, his company is attracting one new, potential customer every eight minutes, while 60 people trial the product every day.

KashFlow is widely regarded as the first UK accounting software company to build its business model around cloud computing. Its KashFlow accounting product is pitched firmly at the small business operator and is gaining a reputation as the easiest and one of the best accounting solutions available.

Based on an eight hour working day, that relates to a conversion rate any company would be proud of. Based on the 24/7 web working week, it’s easy to see just how small business operators are attracted to the benefits of cloud computing.

One “tweet” from Charmaine at CLM Bookkeeping Services in Portsmouth reinforces the swing to cloud computing. Her latest exchange reveals that after 13 years using Sage products she has switched to cloud and KashFlow. Charmaine is so enthusiastic about the ease of this user-friendly accounts package that she is recommending it to her customers.

According to Oscar Wilde, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.
According to Duane Jackson, the proof is in the product “what could be easier than a product that goes live in minutes, has no front end set up costs, no maintenance, no up-grade costs, and is user-friendly to the small business?”