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Keep Britain Tidy's switch to the Cloud with Aqilla saves on costs and improves reporting

17th Nov 2021
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Switching to the Cloud with Aqilla helps this environmental charity save on costs and improve reporting

Keep Britain Tidy is a leading environmental charity devoted to reducing litter, improving local places and preventing waste. The charity’s history goes back to 1954 when Lady Elisabeth Brunner of the National Federation of Women’s Institutes passed a resolution to “Keep Britain Tidy”. The organisation registered as a charity in 1960 and since then has expanded its mission, merging with several other environmental charities along the way to further its reach. With offices in London and Wigan, Keep Britain Tidy is supported by individual donations as well as partnerships with businesses and public bodies. 

As a charity, Keep Britain Tidy has unique accounting requirements which they sought to fulfill without costing a fortune. They were previously using an old version of Microsoft Great Plains software but found it to be poorly supported and lacking the reporting features they needed. Other vendors including Sage and NetSuite had the functionality but were expensive. Aqilla, however, provided all of the reporting features at a fraction of the cost with the added benefit of a far quicker implementation and easier onboarding.

More accurate and efficient reporting tools

One of their key concerns with Microsoft Great Plains was lack of flexibility. Monthly accounts required hours of manual intervention and were prone to inaccuracies. There was no real control over their internal processes. Aqilla changed all that with its powerful reporting system and easy to use report editor and query builder. One of the key features for Keep Britain Tidy is Aqilla’s “rough posting” which allows them to preview their postings and make final checks before committing posts to the ledger. Aqilla has effectively taken away the need for arduous end of month processes in favour of a simple and exact solution that fits with the needs of the charity and saves valuable time. 

Monthly reports are made even better by Aqilla’s integration with Sharperlight. Management reports are not only simpler to generate, but provide better business intelligence than ever before. In addition, Aqilla’s purchasing system and workflow approval has further helped improve internal processes and save time on otherwise mundane tasks.

Marked cost savings

Keep Britain Tidy immediately benefited from the cost-savings provided by the Cloud. By moving to Aqilla, they no longer needed to support expensive upgrades and backup schedules associated with managing an in-house server. Aqilla operates on a simple monthly license fee; no cost of annual maintenance or support contracts.

Summing Up

“As a charity, Keep Britain Tidy is a cost-conscious organisation so the savings in switching to 

the Cloud with Aqilla is a huge benefit,” explains Hugh Scantlebury, CEO and co-founder, Aqilla. “The most obvious advantage to their day to day operations is the increased efficiency they’re getting from Aqilla’s reporting. Where they were once spending an inordinate amount of time on mundane and manual processing, they can now focus on the details, accurate coding, and keeping costs in control.”