Keep calm during Self Assessment

13th Jan 2022
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With Self Assessment season now upon us, these tips from award-winning accounting software provider FreeAgent should help you remain cool as a cucumber all the way to 31st January.

Keep calm during Self Assessment

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To help avoid the stress that can come with clients submitting their information late, ensure that they know their deadlines well in advance and how important it is to meet them. 

Using several communication channels increases the chance of your clients getting the message, so make the most of email newsletters, social media and blog posts to capture their attention.

You may also want to remind your clients that you’ll be unable to file their tax return on time if they don’t meet the deadlines you set for them, and warn them that this could result in a penalty from HMRC. 

Set boundaries with clients 

While Self Assessment season might see you working longer days than usual, by setting communication boundaries you may be able to limit the number of out-of-hours calls and emails you have to deal with. 

Let your clients know your office hours so that they understand when you’re unavailable. You may wish to set an automatic response for emails you receive outside your core hours so that clients know when they can expect to hear back from you.

Check in with colleagues

If you’re feeling the pressure of Self Assessment, your colleagues may be feeling the same way. Consider scheduling some time to check in with the rest of your practice to make sure that everyone is coping with their workload. From talking through any issues to sharing tips on managing clients, an open conversation could allow you to identify solutions and help everyone feel more calm.

Look after yourself

Self Assessment season can feel all-consuming, but it’s important to prioritise your wellbeing during this busy time. Consider preparing some healthy snacks to keep at your desk, ensure you stay hydrated and try a relaxing bedtime routine to promote restful sleep. 

While you’ll no doubt be extremely busy during the working day, it’s important to recognise when you might need to take a break. Review your schedule and consider when you could fit in some time for yourself. Taking a short walk or listening to some music could give you the boost you need to remain calm and productive.

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