Keep your clients close to your chest

Brought to you by ICPA

You work hard, in fact very hard, to get clients. They simply didn’t just turn up banging on your door the very first day you set up in practice, nor did they email in the first day your website went online. You worked hard growing your practice on a daily basis asking for and getting as many recommendations as possible, you put hours of time into designing and populating your website to generate as many quality leads as you could and you have used as many marketing techniques as possible over the years. Some worked some were jettisoned and depending on how long you have been in practice no longer exist.

They are your clients and they look to you for help in ascertaining and reducing their tax liabilities but also they look to you for help and guidance on all manner of issues from Payroll to Bookkeeping, from Vat to Inheritance Tax, from Pensions to Insurances, from Banking to Loans and from staffing to outsourcing. Your clients are exactly that “your clients” they are the ones you want to have and they are the type and quality you have settled on and are right for you.  

So in a nutshell you don’t want to lose them do you? Of course not, but what is the likelihood of that happening if you continue to do a good job? You’d like to think it’s negligible wouldn’t you but as the practice grows you have less and less time to spend with your clients than you used to don’t you? You know full well the economic pressures that everyone, not just your clients are under and you know only too well that you are simply not the cheapest accountant but you never gained a client based on price so you can relax or can you?

The moment you take your client’s loyalty for granted is the day you start losing them so what’s to be done? Well, quality staff are a must and they must bridge that gap between yourself and the client. Making the best use of tech to keep you in touch with your clients albeit webinars, apps, what’s app messages, newsletters, seminars and special meetings are all to be considered.

But the single most important thing to be done is to outlaw complacency throughout the practice. Treat each day as if it was the first day you opened your doors, treat each lead as gold dust and never treat an existing client any differently from when they first signed the 64-8. 

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