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Keeping your clients payroll data secure to avoid data breaches & fines

5th Mar 2019
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The payroll solution that provides all you need for Auto Enrolment.

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Choosing a reliable system is the first step to keep all your clients’ data secure and avoid any risks.  

Security is extremely important in payroll bureaus. After all, you are handling the personal and financial data of your clients and your client’s employees, which puts you at risk of data breaches and cyber attacks.

In order to comply with the current GDPR legislation, you also need to follow a strict process when processing the payroll data, and make sure that your systems meet the regulation’ standards.

With so many variables and things to consider, it might be difficult to know exactly what to do to keep your payroll bureau safe, which is why we have compiled a list of characteristics that your payroll systems should have:

Secure technology

It might sound obvious, but you should make sure your systems are strong enough to protect you against threats such as data injection, authentication hacking, cross-site scripting, exposure flaws, cross-site request forgery and other vulnerabilities.

Chances are your clients’ data is stored in various parts of your computer as well as in the cloud, which is why all the communication between the software on your PC or Mac and the servers where the data is stored must be carried out on a safe channel with maximum security.

An example of how this might work is BrightPay Connect, the optional add-on cloud product for BrightPay Payroll, which allows users to connect their BrightPay Payroll employer data to a web-based portal that can be updated on the cloud and accessed online.

To ensure maximum security, BrightPay Connect is powered using the latest web technologies and hosted on Microsoft Azure. All payroll data transmitted to and from the cloud service, including the data sent via web browsers and from payroll applications is secured using SSL over HTTPS.

Automatic cloud backup

So that you don’t have to worry about losing your payroll data, make sure your system automatically backs up the files every few minutes. That way you can work with the ease of mind of knowing that you don’t need to remember to constantly backup the data manually.

Keeping a chronological history of your backups on the cloud is also useful so that you can restore or download them to your PC or Mac at any time.

Different levels of user permissions

Not everybody in your organisation or in your client’s business should have the same level of control or access to sensitive payroll information. To maximise security, choose a system that allows you and your clients to assign different user permissions depending on each person’s role and responsibilities.

Each user should have their own log in details and password to access the company payroll data, authorise annual leave requests, process payroll and more.

BrightPay Connect provides the ability to add as many users as needed at no additional cost. Colleagues can be added as co-administrators, who can edit settings, add other users, connect employers and manage all the employee information and processes.

Clients can be assigned as standard users with the ability to view their employee’s information and process their requests. Additionally, senior employees or management can have access to certain functions such as to change employee contact details, view financial information including payslips and payroll reports, view employee HR documents and view high level employees such as directors.

Client data validation and audit trail

Instead of the traditional approach of exchanging endless emails with your clients to request information, there are other ways you can follow to ask the client to input their payroll data and make sure it is there on time to process the payroll.

BrightPay Connect enables you to send requests for payroll data entry and approval, which reduces the email exchange and edits that need to be made to the data. This, in turn, means more security and a lower risk of data duplication.

For increased security, there is an audit trail that includes each of the steps taken by your client and includes payroll files approved and submitted by the client. And your bureau can benefit from the fact that the responsibility for the information to be correct rests with the client.