Keytime Greets Launch of New On-Line Corporation Tax Filing Service

Brought to you by Keytime

23 November 2009 sees HMRC launch the new CT Online service. To enable you to file your CT returns using this new service Keytime are busy preparing an update to its Corporation Tax module.

Users will be informed shortly of the availability of the update and it is very important that you install it at the first opportunity. Corporation Tax will require no further intervention; automatically switching you over to the new service once it becomes available – you just carry on filing as usual, no need to re-key or re-compile anything.

The current CT Online service will stop accepting submissions at 06.00 on Friday 20th November 2009. The new CT Online service is due to commence at 06.00 on Monday 23 November 2009.

Any returns submitted between these dates and times will result in an error 1046 being returned from the Government Gateway.

IR Mark

From April 2011 each CT return submitted to HMRC must have an IR Mark, until then an IR Mark is voluntary. Ahead of this date, all CT returns submitted with Keytime Corporation Tax will automatically submit with an IR Mark. An IR Mark is a unique identifier for a return – the electronic equivalent of a serial number, enabling you to match an HMRC submission with the return stored on your system in the event of a query.

iXBRL – Further Program Update

From April 2011 it becomes mandatory to submit a corporation tax computation in iXBRL format, until then submissions in this format are entirely voluntary. Ahead of this date, all computations generated by Keytime Corporation Tax will be in iXBRL format along with the ability to attach accounts in iXBRL format.

Try out Keytime Corporation Tax and the other modules in the range via the Keytime Test Drive facility - click this link to get started