Leapfrog the competition and upgrade your payroll software now

8th Nov 2021
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Come next April, phonelines will be ringing, software demos watched, and support teams run off their feet, all helping companies get set up on their new payroll software. Like you, thousands of other businesses, wait until the new tax year, to change to a new payroll provider. This ends up creating several problems: 

Primarily, it results in a massive bottleneck for software providers.  

  • In the lead up to April, payroll software providers are so busy, they simply can’t give you the same support you’d receive if switching at a different time of the year  
  • Busier payroll providers, means more time spent on hold and longer delays  

Moreover, it creates problems for your business.  

  • By waiting until April, you’re under more pressure at an already very busy time  
  • With the delay, you’re wasting 5 months on your current software that doesn’t meet your requirements  

The right time to switch is now  

Is it good business practice to wait until one of the busiest periods in your year, to research, test, and implement a new software that’s essential for delivering your services? Of course not, it makes much more sense to switch payroll software when there’s a lull in business. At an off-peak time, you:  

  • Can properly research a range of payroll software providers 
  • Speak to your network about their recommendations  
  • Migrate data over to the new software  
  • Upskill your colleagues and staff on the new software 
  • Have the time to run payroll in parallel  

10 tips for switching payroll software

How innovation is essential to stay competitive:  

There used to be a time (not that long ago), that customers would spend years with a software provider, even when they were deeply unsatisfied with the product. The challenge of moving software seemed too great. In the past year, we’ve seen a big change in the industry. Forced by the pandemic to embrace digital tools, previously reluctant payroll processors have now invested in cloud solutions and better automation.  

These changes are having a longer effect on consumer behaviour. Your competition is now much more likely to review their software more often, identify gaps and flaws, and proactively look for a better solution. To stay competitive, you need to innovate, and you can use your payroll software to do this. A great payroll software, such as BrightPay, can allow you to:  

  • Batch process payroll for multiple clients at the one time 
  • Send payroll journals directly to your accounting software  
  • Automatically assess employees for auto enrolment duties and batch enrol them  
  • Send enrolment and contribution summaries directly to pension providers  
  • Use full CIS functionality at no extra cost  
  • Get free support that has a 99% customer satisfaction rating  
  • Pay employees directly, using the Modulr integration  

BrightPay also offers their customers the option of BrightPay Connect, a cloud add-on, that allows you to offer additional payroll and HR services to your clients. BrightPay Connect can give your clients the ability to manage their annual leave, send payslips directly to their employees, and share confidential documents.  

Choosing to innovate your payroll services now, lets you get ahead of your competitors waiting until April, and also gives you the time to properly implement the new software features. To get started download BrightPay’s 60 day free-trial. It’s an ideal way to test out the software and to make sure it’s the right fit for your business. The free trial version has full functionality with no limitations on any of the features. 

If you’re still not sure about what you need to do to prepare for your move, download the guide ‘10 Tips for Successfully Switching Payroll Software’. Discover the 10-point checklist that will make sure your move goes off without a hitch.

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