Learn how to deliver an in-house R&D tax relief service

13th Oct 2020
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Learn how to build an effective R&D tax relief service

Partners in the firms we talk to are generally looking to develop their practice through two primary means; delivering new services to existing clients, or winning new business. In fact, every one of the users of our WhisperClaims app have engaged with us in the first place to address one, or both, of these needs.

Most users have either dabbled in the R&D tax market themselves previously, perhaps finding the legislation too difficult or time consuming to address, or have clients who are working with third party consultants. In both cases, what they are looking to do is to find a way to take control of this service delivery and build an in-house, own-brand service.

Who can blame them? This is an expanding market, with government investment in R&D soaring to over £22 billion p.a. and the numbers of SME applicants to the R&D tax market have consistently risen by around 20% p.a. for the last few years.

So what are the steps to safely achieve this?

A clear goal

We've seen over 250 accountants go on to reap the benefits of adopting our automated claims process. In the end, they all share a similar goal, to be able to confidently deliver an R&D service that will generate them revenue and add value to clients.  This vision has led to some impressive results. In just two years over 750 claims have been prepared in-house by WhisperClaims users, representing over £20m in tax benefit. 


identifying the accounting period for R&D tax claims

Our technology enables them to systematically prepare claims, check for eligibility, collaborate with clients, calculate eligible spend and generate HMRC-friendly technical reports at the click of a button. Our charges are low and capped, irrespective of claim size, which enables our users to support clients both large and small.

The platform was initially conceived and designed for smaller claims, on the basis that these were not cost effective for advisors to prepare and large parts of the market were being ignored as a result. In fact, we're proud of the fact that the majority of claims are for less than £100k of eligible spend and we support many businesses that previously would have struggled to find support in the traditional, contingent fee driven consultancy market.  Nevertheless, our customers are also proving that the WhisperClaims system is capable of producing a report for any size of claim – the largest so far had more than £6 million of eligible expenditure.

Learning from others

what is eligible for R&D tax relief

Whilst it's true that the documentation on the scheme is quite a read, with over 500 pages of guidance, the fundamentals can be easy to get your head around with the right support. This year we launched a series of webinars covering the ins and outs of the R&D tax scheme from advice on how to identify eligibility delivered by our in-house R&D tax experts to panel discussions with members of the WhisperClaims accounting community on how to successfully launch your in-house service. Places on these webinars sell like hot cakes and attendees keep coming back time and time again to learn from their peers. You can check out our next one on the 22nd October here.

A good education

planning your process

Building confidence to be able to talk about R&D tax is equally as valuable as the technology used to prepare the eventual claims. We recently launched a training course 'The fundamentals of the R&D tax relief scheme' which so far has been attended by accountants who want to learn about the R&D tax scheme, eligibility and the details of why their clients might fit the criteria. Directors are also sending their teams on to this course to learn how to position the scheme more clearly with their clients.

Getting started

R&D tax relief claims and eligibility

We deliver a lot of demos of our technology to accountants every month, but also find that many firms take a slightly more considered approach and like to join our R&D tax scheme webinars before delving any deeper.

On the 22nd October, Mike Dean, co-founder of WhisperClaims, Phil Ellerby from Nothern Accountants and Alan Woods from Wood Squared will be discussing tactics for delivering an effective in-house service. Listening to the stories of Phil and Alan will give you the inside scoop on how to optimise your claims process and build a profitable in-house R&D tax service.


Join our webinar

Book your place at our next webinar and learn how to deliver an in-house R&D tax relief service for yourself. 

October 22nd, at 12.30pm. Book your place.

Building an in-house R&D tax service webinar by WhisperClaims