Logical Office Adds PROPOSAL Workflow for Accountants

24th Jan 2020
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Working out prices for a cocktail of services is time consuming and error-prone.

I spoke to one accountant who actually guesses some of the figures!

If you get it wrong you lose money. It can be done in Excel but not without risk and time.

This new Workflow does the number crunching and provides a summary pricing page for up to 15 services.

It adjusts prices to take into account turnover and quality of books.

It woks out the charges for all the variations of up to three payrolls (number of staff, frequency, fixed/variable).

You set your usual charges and then “tweak” them to suit each new client.

You get an accurate pricing and a record of how you arrived at the figures, shown monthly or annually.

One-off initial amounts like setting up XERO or SAGE etc can be included.

You can add pages to the standard templates to create a tailored proposal/engagement letter.

When the client orders the Workflow auto-creates the jobs for easier on-boarding.

It’s easier than using a spread sheet and less risky.

See a short video of how it works at https://youtu.be/NPETtam070c 

Making the sales process easier is the first step for completely automated client processing.

Workflows replace the time wasted by staff doing repetitive administration.

The Logical Office workflow library includes deadline management for VAT, SAs, Annual Accounts, P11Ds, Payrolls, Bookkeeping, Management Accounts and Confirmation Statements.

Contact us now for more details about how to streamline and “staff-proof” your busy office.

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