Make Payroll profitable again with Auto Payroll

20th Jul 2020
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Auto Payroll with Nomisma

Processing and filing payroll to HMRC has never been easier with Nomisma’s cloud payroll solution. All you have to do is complete the initial setup process to input the employer and employee(s) details and tick the ‘Auto Payroll’ check box on the company details page. This will ensure payrolls are run automatically according to the pay schedules be it monthly, four weekly or weekly. Once the payroll is run, the Real Time Information (RTI) is submitted to HMRC. Following the submission, the employee payslips and P30 forms are sent to employers. 

Who does this benefit? 

Our Auto Payroll function benefit payrolls that do not change on a regular basis or director only limited companies. All you need to do is the initial setup process on Nomisma and input the company details along with its employees' details. You’ll no longer have to worry about all of the usual admin work that goes with payroll, payroll day will become a payroll half day! Significantly reduce your admin work, improve efficiency and make payroll profitable again! 

Connect directly with pension providers 

Smart, The People’s Pension, Nest, Now, Legal & General and Aviva! You are able to submit pension contributions including pension enrolment details of new employees direct to these pension providers. The calculated pension contribution is also shared with the payroll to be included on the payslips. 

Our employee and employer mobile app is coming soon! 

With it every employee will be able to download to their android or apple device and access their payslips, submit expense claims and annual leave requests, as well as edit their personal information. 

From an employer’s perspective, they’ll receive push notifications when a new expense has been submitted or leave request made. Instantly each can be approved and submitted to payroll for processing all within the app.  

Better yet, the app will be included free of charge with every subscription. No additional fees! 

Other cool features, that makes payroll a breeze! 

Be secure with our GDPR compliant employer and employee portals! Employers will be able to login and view a list of all their employees, wages and useful reports. Their employees can also make use of the portal to access their payslips, p60s and p11ds that have been filed through Nomisma. You get this at no extra charge! 

Get in Touch  

All of the above features can be accessed on any device and from wherever there’s an internet connection. Our cloud-based payroll solution provides you with a lot of freedom and does not tie you down to a VPN and its database connection issues.   

Become free, secure and efficient. Contact us to get a free trial of our feature rich cloud payroll solution at 020 3021 2326 or [email protected].