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Making your client accountable for payroll mistakes

27th Dec 2021
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The payroll solution that provides all you need for Auto Enrolment.

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Nobody wants to see a mistake in their payroll run. Finding the problem can be time-consuming and wastes the precious time of your client’s staff and your payroll team as you search for the incorrect information. But, as any seasoned payroll manager will tell you, nine times out of ten, the fault lies in an error made at the keying stage, by the client. 

So, how can you make the client more accountable for these costly payroll mistakes? And what can you do to reduce the potential for errors in the first place?

Allow clients to enter payroll information online

When clients have to enter their payroll information into a legacy desktop system, or into an offline format like an Excel spreadsheet, there’s always going to be room for errors to creep in before the data is transferred over to your practice’s payroll system.

By moving clients over to an online payroll system, like BrightPay Connect, you remove many of the points where errors can occur. As an additional bonus, you also can quickly make the client more responsible for their own payroll data entry.

With BrightPay Connect as a key tool in your payroll process, you can:

  • Remove the need for long email chains – emailing updated payroll information back and forth in spreadsheets and other offline formats may have worked in the 1990s. But in the 2020s, it’s an outmoded and inefficient way to update the client’s payroll data.

  • Let clients enter their own payroll information in the cloud – BrightPay Connect’s Employer Dashboard makes it easy for clients to enter their employee’s hours, update their contact details and even add new starters to the payroll, all through one centralised hub in the cloud. With the initial data entry carried out this way, it’s far easier to spot any errors and to quickly trace them back to the source.

  • Share online payroll summaries with the client – once the client’s payroll run is ready to be finalised you can share a cloud-based summary with the client’s key contacts for their approval. There’s no emailing required. Clients just log in to review the payroll summary and can then green light the payroll run once they’re happy.

Make the user interface as straightforward as possible

One of the biggest obstacles when moving a client over to a new system is getting them used to the interface. At BrightPay, we believe that a simple, straightforward user interface (UI) is key to getting the best from the Employer Dashboard.

When clients log into Bright Connect, they can go straight to the Employer Dashboard to enter the relevant payroll information for each employee. Add the hours and pay rate, add in any additional payments for expenses and make deductions for things like lottery syndicate payments, salary sacrifice deductions or pension payments etc.

It’s easy to use and gives a clear summary of the entered information before each employee’s payroll information is submitted, so errors get spotted early by the client.


Enhanced communication between the client and your team

Working in the cloud provides ‘one point of truth’, and a place where both your payroll team, the client and the client’s staff can work together to get the job done. No emails, no offline files, just one centralised hub with all the company’s payroll information in a single place . 

It’s a far more collaborative and productive way of working, where there’s greater transparency around each payroll run and more opportunities for close communication before each run is finalised and employee payments are made. 

BrightPay Connect can send notifications and reminders straight to the client, as and when payroll entry or payroll approval is required. And if a problem DOES arise, it’s far easier to log into the cloud version, pick up the phone and talk through the issue.

BrightPay Connect: the ideal payroll solution for clients and payroll providers

If you want to get your clients more involved in the payroll process, BrightPay Connect is the ideal solution. Having the Employer Dashboard at their fingertips gives the company real control over their own payroll – and makes it easier for your practice or bureau to spot the issues early and track them back to the original source error.

Working with your clients in the cloud can be a real game-changer, so we’re currently in the process of developing a fully cloud-based version of BrightPay. Our development team is burning the midnight oil, so we hope to turn ‘BrightPay in the cloud’ into a reality in 2022.

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