Marketing for accountants: How CRM can help your small firm

13th Mar 2020
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If you’re aiming to establish your firm in the marketplace, a certain amount of marketing will be needed to achieve this goal. But with tax season, client work and practice admin eating into your available business time, it can be hard to find the time needed for marketing.

Working ON the business, rather than IN the business is no doubt a key piece of advice that you give to your clients – and it’s as applicable to your firm as much as it is to an SME client

So, how do you improve your marketing efficiency and start finding the time for promotion? The answer is to invest in the new breed of customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Spring into a new marketing approach

With the loose ends of self-assessment tax season finally tied up, the Spring can be a great time to review your marketing plans for the year.

Positioning the firm as ‘trusted advisers’ in your market is the core goal of any marketing and brand awareness activity. According to research by OnPay quoted in this Xero blog post, “about 61% of small businesses are satisfied with the breadth of services that their accountant offers. But, when business owners feel their accountant is a trusted adviser, that number jumps to 88%”. So, using your marketing to underline these feelings of trust is vital.

Trust and confidence in your firm’s skills is what keeps your existing clients satisfied, engaged and happy – and what attracts prospects and new business to come and check you out.

Key ways to kickstart your marketing

As a small practitioner, the thought of running a digital marketing campaign may sound complex and time consuming. But the reality is that the latest marketing technology makes promotional activity a far more simple and straightforward process.

A cloud-based CRM system, such as Capsule, provides all the tools and functionality you need to plan and perform basic marketing activities across the year.

Ideas to try can include:

Writing a blog or email newsletter – a good blog or monthly newsletter serves to give an insight into the firm and your people. It’s also a forum where you can discuss the current pain points faced by clients/prospects and how you can resolve them.

Running email campaigns – an email client, like MailChimp, makes it easy to send out a professionally branded and designed email campaign. And by integrating MailChimp with your CRM system, you can quickly form an audience, send out your emails and track the click-throughs and engagement rates for your campaign.

Segmenting your audience – Capsule makes segmentation straightforward, by allowing you to add new custom data fields and filter your client base. You can then send out highly targeted email campaigns to a specific audience, with links to your blog, monthly newsletter or any promotional offers you want to advertise.

Improving communication with prospects – Track your communications and interactions with prospects, so you can see exactly how ‘warm’ they are, when they were last contacted and what the status is of any business development activity. You can even check this status on the move, using the Capsule mobile app.

Boost your marketing activity with Capsule

With Capsule’s flexible CRM platform at the heart of your small practice, you have complete control over your client and prospect information – plus all the tools needed to really start driving your marketing over the course of the year.

Try Capsule free for 30 days, or choose from the Professional package for small firms, or the Team package for growing practices with larger teams. 

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