Meet our newest team members!

21st Jul 2020
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The recent switch to working from home has provided plenty of opportunities for BTCSoftware to onboard some adorable members of staff. Here are just a few of our newest – and sweetest – colleagues!



Chief Canine Officer

Bentley is a three year old Cockapoo who loves a lazy morning and playing with his toys. He’s passionate about product testing and specialises in sausage and chicken items. Unfortunately, he’s not great with software (not having fingers makes it hard to type), but he’s still a very good boy!

Rob, CEO



Chief Morale Officer

Four year old Maya is named after poet Maya Angelou. This upbeat Cockapoo is often found squeaking words of encouragement to boost team morale.

In the words of her namesake; “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

Ian, Chief Finance Officer



Senior Relaxation Executive

At 20 years old, Paddy is experienced in all things relaxation. He lives in an equine retirement home, so his special skills include eating, sleeping and living in the moment. He’s our meditation master!

Abby, Customer Care Manager



Zoom Audio Executive

Rafael Jurgen Salvatore is a four year old dachshund with a big attitude. He has already proven himself invaluable to the business when it comes to video conferences, as his loud voice is ideal for testing mics. When he’s not on duty, his favourite hobby is watching people go by outside.

Tim, Head of Sales


                                                                      Bandit Head of Seat Warming

Head of Seat Warming

Bandit is eight years old and acts like he owns the place. He spends most of his day trying to catch something new for dinner. When he is not hunting he spends most of his time on the sofa or between chairs that we have been sat on to keep them warm for when we return. He has never had any complaints from the staff!

Joel, Software Support Executive



Head Desk Warmer

In hindsight, hiring Gomez as Productivity Officer was a poor decision. He’s incredibly sweet but has proven himself very lazy! He spends most of his day sleeping on Luke’s desk unless he thinks he’s getting food. Recently redeployed to the position of Desk Warmer, Gomez is excelling in his new role.

Alex, Content Executive
Luke, Product Executive


Has your team grown?

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