Mental Health Panel Discussion with AccountancyManager and three keynote speakers on mental health and the effect on you and your business.

29th May 2020
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Join AccountancyManager for our next panel discussion to hear from three keynote speakers on mental health and the effect on you and your business.
Join us for our latest AM panel discussion where we'll be discussing the importance of positive mental health. It has been well publicised that COVID-19 has impacted the economy, but what isn’t as apparent is the impact on people’s mental health. We’ll be joined by three excellent speakers who will give their insight on how mental health can affect the accounting industry.

Hear from Andy Salkeld as he talks about his life of two halves. Andy has enjoyed a successful career within the accounting industry, holding several senior roles within well known companies. The other side that is not as obvious is Andy’s struggles with mental health. Andy has struggled with depression, anxiety, stress and suicidal thoughts and learned a lot along the way. He has written a book 'Life is a four-letter word' which is a mental health survival guide for professionals.

Dr Helena Boschi is a psychologist who focuses on applied neuroscience in the workplace. Helena will cover the psychological legacies of lockdown and the impact of the pandemic on our thinking and decision-making, offering several practical strategies for dealing with the current situation. Helena’s book is called ‘Why we do what we do’ and offers brain science to non-scientists who are interested in understanding human behaviour and responses. 

Author of Amazon Best Seller, ‘True Worth’, Vanessa Ugatti, helps accountants take charge and get paid what they’re really worth, while still managing a healthier work-life balance. If you were struggling to charge your true worth, pre-COVID, the problem is almost certainly more acute now.  Whatever emotions you usually feel around this area have probably intensified, often without you even being aware of it, resulting in poor decision-making. Vanessa’s input will be critical for your hip pocket AND your well-being.

The session will be taking place at 1 pm on Tuesday 2nd June on Zoom and will once again be hosted by Rob Brown, host of the popular Accounting Influencers podcast.

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