Most wanted: The four time bandits stealing your billable hours

31st Oct 2018
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time bandits

This line up of repeat offenders fleeces the unsuspecting accountant every day:


Tons of time is lost finding essential information e.g. an important email lost in the wastelands of your over-loaded inbox, or a client letter buried away in a paper file or windows directory. Chances are, you’re searching for some elusive piece of information every day, and cursing when it’s not to hand.


Clue: check the characters on your keyboard. Can you still read them? Typing is essential but much of it is repetitive and inevitably leads to typing and grammatical errors. For example, typing salutations into emails often results in the wrong spelling, and even worse, Outlook sometimes chooses the wrong recipient – embarrassing.


Every time you communicate with somebody, you should record it somewhere, but most people have to file emails, letters and text messages manually – or don’t bother at all. Not bothering saves time, but just means more searching!


Checking deadline lists is a tedious process to keep on top of deadlines yet most accountants still squander time doing this and the deadlines are never ending.

Logical Office locks up these perps and throws away the key!

Expert view:

Watson: No searching! No typing! No filing! Surely impossible, Holmes?

Holmes: Incorrect Watson! The solution is based on logic.

Sending standard communications is achieved using templates, so no typing!

Emails auto-file, so there is no filing!

With all documents in one place, there is no searching!

There is no list checking because Workflows do this, and send reminders for us!

Watson: Excellent!

Holmes: Elementary!  Install Logical Office and incarcerate the dastardly time bandits once and for all!

Imagine a complete paperless office with automated email filing, GDPR encryption, date encryption, companies house integration and much more for under £5+VAT a week.

For more information email [email protected] or call +44(0)207 482 7077