Move to the cloud and run your payroll bureau from home

26th Mar 2020
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Many organisations are outsourcing key business functions such as payroll in an attempt to maintain business as usual during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now more than ever, the pressure is on payroll bureaux to ensure they meet the growing demands of their clients.

However, this is where the predicament starts. Your payroll bureau is the same as any other business, it’s a team of people who are at just as much risk as everyone else.

Why are payroll bureaux at risk?

The added pressure of client dependency and the current economic climate means that bureaux must start being proactive to avoid business disruption.

However, as most payroll solutions are desktop-based, payroll bureaux are often bound to their office.

As service providers, reputation is everything.

Actions have to be made, otherwise a delayed payroll could spell disaster for bureaux and their clients alike.

If you’re unable to provide your key service during uncertain times, the relationship you have with customers will plummet, potentially resulting in lost business and even impacting your chances with prospects.

As for your customers, by not processing their payroll correctly you could be severely impacting their employees’ financial wellness while also damaging their working relationship.

What can bureaux do to avoid business disruption?

There is a way for bureaux to continue as normal during these uncertain times and that’s the cloud.

By hosting your bureau on the cloud, staff can utilise a virtual desktop, enabling them to work from anywhere at any time with just a laptop and internet connection.

We’re here to help

IRIS Payroll Hosting ensures your bureau doesn’t face any disruption by providing staff with exactly the same set up they have in the office in the comfort of their own home.

Our solution hosts all your essential IRIS Payroll products, Microsoft software and desktop applications via our secure and encrypted connection.

We aim to provide you certainty during these uncertain times to ensure you’re able to continue providing your clients with the service they expect.

Click here for more information on IRIS Payroll Hosting and how we can help your bureau carry on running regardless of the circumstances.

Also, check out our new guide ‘Running your payroll bureau from the cloud’ for further insight into the topic.