Moving to the cloud: The benefits for bureaux

9th Jan 2020
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Many businesses, including bureaux, have embraced the flexibility and efficiency that working in the cloud brings. Now, many companies can’t imagine a time a time nor the internal struggles of working without a cloud product.

Many will tell you about how they manage to get their clients to undertake a range of what used to be the accountant/bookkeeper administration – managing receipts, reconciling invoices etc. – and how they can sit down with their client in any location and point out specific aspects of their business’ performance (or lack of).

But are we truly utilising cloud technology to its fullest potential?

The benefits of cloud payroll stretch far beyond simplifying processes for your clients, it works to streamline and reduce time spent bureau side in meeting client needs. From cutting down time spent on support emails to client meetings even the management of payslips and journal uploads, the cloud has a practical use throughout bureau processes.

So the big question is, therefore:

Why do practices continue to hold on to their desktop payroll?

Why pay for licences for additional users? Why maintain your data storage? Why not let your clients manage more of the administration, rather than employing people to move data into your payroll system and then onto pension providers, accounting software packages, employees and managers?

Why not have timesheets, clocking in/out, expenses, leave management etc in one system that you can share with your clients (and charge extra for)? Why make your payroll staff work in one specific seat, in one particular office?

Why? Why? Why?

Yes – I know you can get some really cheap desktop payroll software, but you’d tell your clients that saving money in one place simply to spend it on hiring staff to do unnecessary administration work was a false economy.

Why don’t you have a different conversation with yourself?

Embrace cloud software

For example at KeyPay there’s no manual logging of payslips, they’re automatically logged, even when an employee leaves they’re always accessible along with P60s which are accessible through the employee portal. We automate journal entries and integrate with well-known accounting platforms such as Xero, Quickbooks and Netsuite, all in the cloud with so many of the mundane client micro-management processes automated or streamlined.

Regardless of what you use it for – communication, accounting, payroll, project management – there is so much great cloud technology available which can free up skilled resource in your practice. So why are you limiting yourself? Maybe it’s time to reassess your current payroll software (or any other software that’s desktop-based), and start thinking about the value that cloud-based systems can bring to your firm on a long-term basis.

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